Hazy Shade of Wintour

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Meet Montreal’s fifth-best drag queen, a 25-year-old fashion superfan named Tranna. BY MARIA DENARDO

Why Anna, Tranna? 

She’s larger than life! I have a feeling she’s not really who she portrays, but I love the character. I love the evil bitch thing. The name is a homage, obviously, but it’s not really an alter ego. It’s more of a fabulous version of my everyday self. When I get into Tranna Wintour mode, a lot of people actually think I’m Lady Gaga. I think we have the same eyes. The Mirror voted me Montreal’s fifth-best drag queen. It’s sort of like the Village Voice in New York City. Unfortunately, it’s no longer published.

How do you channel her exactly? 

I’m pretty convincing. I’ve never met her, but I’ve watched The September Issue too many times to count. I have everything Anna I can get my hands on. I can tap into her energy instantaneously. You know, sitting with my legs crossed and arms folded looking down, or looking up and batting my eyes blankly and not acknowledging the people around me. If I’m standing, I’ll look to the floor with my bob over my face.

Do you imitate her voice?

I can say “Stahbucks” the way she does. Her accent is a bit challenging, because it’s a watered-down British accent. The melody is fun to do, though. The boredom.

Pop quiz: When’s her birthday?

I think sometime in May or April.

Close! November 3rd. Do you make any money off your act?

I haven’t yet, so I have an uninteresting day job to pay my bills. I work at a customer service call center. It’s a nightmare!

How many Manolos do you own?

Zero. Designer brands are unfortunately out of my budget, but if I had the money to buy Manolos, they would definitely not be beige mules.

How do you get to work every day? 

The Montreal public transport system.


Do you talk to people in elevators?

Every morning when I get to work and someone gets in the elevator with me, I get this rush of anger. I totally get Anna wanting to be alone in the elevator. If I see people making their way toward the door, I’ll walk faster, get in, and press the button.


Thoughts on the March issue?

I have a love-hate relationship with Vogue. I base my purchasing choice on the cover, and the covers have become a little generic. I feel they go for these plain Jane actresses that don’t inspire anything in me personally. There’s no sense of humor. 


Have you ever met a Glenda Bailey impersonator?

No. Sometimes I see other Annas, but I’m pretty territorial. And I’ve seen Grace once in New York City. I actually met her at Fashion’s Night Out.

The real one? What happened?

I went to the Balenciaga store knowing she was going to be there. Everyone was very chic, and here I was, this tranny on a budget. I was walking around the store, and when I turned around, I saw that bush of flaming red. I wanted to take a picture with her, but I was lame. I eventually made my move. She was lovely. I could see her looking at me, sizing me up a little. I think she knew who I was.

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