Guide in Choosing Women’s Collections With A Parisian Style.

by Sami Abdel

Today, more than ever, it is important to be informed if you want to dress well. Because of the sheer number of collections such as BA&SH brand available online and in stores, all with very different messages about what’s trendy, it can take a while to figure out what suits your style. It will help you avoid throwing money on pieces that won’t work for you. Here are five tips when choosing women’s collections with an essentially Parisian style.

1)     Consider the fabrics
The fabric you are looking at must feel good to the touch, well-sewn cell seams are essential, fabrics with stretch are best, especially if you have a pear-shaped silhouette since they help hide what you might not want to be seen or make your figure look wider by flowing around it better. Stretch fabrics also give you more room to move without being too tight on your body, thus creating a slimmer appearance. Clothes need to fall smoothly over your body, giving it volume and shape instead of clinging too much to your frame or making your outer clothes appear flat, leaving areas that bulge out. For instance, tummy tuck-ins will do nothing but accentuate your tummy. Parisians like simplicity. They avoid flashy clothes stripes. Little discreet polka dots, fine lines, small checks are allowed but without excess. Therefore, you should ensure the fabrics are natural and breathable. Natural fibers such as wool allow garments to stretch and move with your body, so there’s no need to worry about them constricting your arms or showing up undergarments. You can also layer clothes to accommodate winter, which is simple if the clothes are soft and not too warm.

2)   Structure and purity of lines
The two most common ways in which the term ‘Parisian’ is used in fashion is to describe a style that’s very loose, relaxed, and unstructured, or one that has a lot of structure but still feels free and easy. It can be challenging to choose between these two options because they’re so different from each other. A good way to decide whether you prefer an unstructured or structured look is to see how well your existing clothes fit. If they’re hanging off you, then chances are you’d rather have something looser, whereas if they cover your body without really hugging it at all, then stick with something more structured.  If you’re struggling to decide, try wearing more relaxed clothes in both fit and design. Over time the Parisian style will emerge naturally (if it’s right for you) because you’ll buy items that feel like they suit your lifestyle.

3)  Accessories
Accessories such as shoes/boots, belts, and bags must match each other, thus avoiding them standing out in an uncoordinated way which gives a shabby effect to your outfit. That’s why it is best to either buy accessories included within women’s clothing collections or to go for something classic and timeless to avoid looking outdated and “over-accessorized.” Make sure they don’t overpower the actual clothes themselves but underline their beauty, making them look elegant and stylish instead of loud and “trying too hard.” In other words, they should be there to give that final touch making you feel confident about yourself. Big jewelry is not welcome in Parisians. The most successful are small pendants, preferably golden, accompanied by a few other accessories (earrings, bracelets). However, it should be kept in mind that Parisians still like them even if they do not wear big pins. To honor them, you can wear a pin with your initials discreetly on the lapel. That will bring you good luck all day long.

4)  Showcase your unique style
Please don’t choose women’s collections based solely on what others wear, but display your style by choosing things you like. Although it may seem easier or more reassuring to follow trends, your style should be something you find interesting, even attractive – which will show through your clothing. In reality, fashion is meant to be fun, so never worry about being too different from others because the trend has gone away or because it’s not what your friend wore last summer. Instead, pick women’s collections that match your style and personality.

However, you should ensure that the colors suit your skin tone, hair color, and eye color as well as your personality to avoid looking dated or drab. You should go for a contrast that brings out the best of you instead of blending in with the background. Have a look at what celebrities wear and copy their style if it fits you well.

5) Size
Make sure the length is right. Admittedly, short clothing will make any figure look bigger than it is. In contrast, long and buggy skirts/dresses might make any pear-shaped body appear wider since there is more fabric showing around your hips/buttocks area thus making them appear larger than necessary. Understandably, pants suits -particularly pencil ones can hide what you want and make you look slimmer. Further, make sure the length of the sleeves is right for your body. For instance, sleeveless clothing will only accentuate your shoulders which you might not like as they may be too broad or narrow.

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