From The Daily Summer: Simply The Bets(ey Johnson)

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) There’s nobody on the East End quite like Betsey Johnson. The Daily Summer caught up with the legendary designer about why she had to ax her summer vacation, her fear of  jellyfish, and how her love life is going. Deep!

How did you deal with all the humidity this summer?
I used to work in India where it was consistently 116 degrees, so I can handle this. I’m a summer person, but I don’t like the beach! I’m a pool girl! I only like the beach if my grandkids want to go.

Why do you dislike it?
I love people-watching, but I don’t want people watching me! I also hate anything in the water; a pebble: a stone, a clam, a sea urchin, and especially a jellyfish! I’m scared of the water because I was trapped on a sandbar when I was really little. Ever since, I am not a fan of the ocean.

Are you a strong swimmer?
I was a lifeguard! I was a big-time swimmer growing up and I really enjoyed teaching synchronized swimming! I loved diving and there was always a job in the summer at pools growing up.

Did you ever have to save anybody’s life?
Nope. I can’t remember anything like that, but I did get a tan. And I got to see my friends! And I was always in love with another lifeguard, Myles! He was gorgeous.

Are you still single?
I am definitely too fu*king single!

How is that possible?
I don’t know why there isn’t anybody out there thinking about me! I want some eye candy and a guy who can pay the bills…

Would you ever go on like Martha Stewart?
I think that is all a publicity trick! But my dearest relative met her husband on Match! I just don’t want to be that visible. I would rather not date any guy than [someone] I might want to walk away from when he shows up.

Did you have any vacation time this summer?
I was going to Lake Como and then I was going to stay at the Bellagio. I’m also a huge fan of St. Barth’s, but I wanted a European vacation. However, with all of these prototypes coming through, I only saw the pool in the Hamptons and Miami. That’s life!

Will you be showing again next month?
Yes! I’m so excited! I’m creating all new products and I love it. The rule is that I have to love it and I have to want to wear it [or I don’t make it].

You’ve become synonymous with the color pink!
I wore it dancing in school while growing up. Pink is such an iconic girly color. I’m very happy in pink!

You sound happy!
I am!

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