Tom Ford Scrubs Toilets Now, Neiman Marcus Heads for Bankruptcy

by Charles Manning
Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Learns to Scrub Toilets (WWD)
With Tom Ford, his husband, Richard Buckley, and their son Jack, waiting out the Coronavirus crisis in isolation inside the LA home, chores that would normally be relegated to household staff are falling on the family for the first time. I do the laundry, scrub the toilet, [and] vacuum,” said Ford. “And Jack has learned how to scrub a toilet. It’s good for him.”

Ford went on to talk about the future of his business and fashion in general. He is paying all his staff while they are unable to work and anticipates being able to do so for at least a few months if needs be. He sees a very real possibility that there will not be any shows in September and is concerned that he and everyone else will be unable to produce pre-collections before then. “Even if I wanted to have a pre-collection, I probably can’t because my sample rooms are closed,” he said. “We can’t have any fittings, we’re under a 30-day lockdown. Even if I made a collection and somehow figured out how to have it in a showroom or show it virtually somewhere in May, which doesn’t look likely, who’s going to buy it?”

Still, Ford is confident that a rebound of some sort will come, having already seen positive change in his business in China. “In China, for example, with our cosmetics, we’ve completely recovered,” said Ford. “We’re back to 100 percent. And our ready-to-wear and accessories, which was down about 95 percent, it’s now back up to 50 percent. So it’s moving in the right direction in a relatively short amount of time.”

Neiman Marcus Nears Bankruptcy (Reuters)
The 112-year old retailer is reportedly in talks with creditors, trying to figure out how to get out from under $4.3 billion in debt. At this point, it looks like a Chapter 11 filing is imminent, as it would allow allow the company to continue operating while they work on a recovery plan, streamline their business, and minimize costs.

Neiman Marcus (Shutterstock)

India Enters 21-Day Coronavirus Lockdown, Including All Apparel and Garment Factories (BBC)
As of midnight last night, India is in total lockdown for the next 21 days. “There will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes,” said India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, in a televised address. “[If we do not] “handle these 21 days well, then our country… will go backwards by 21 years.”

Garment factory in India (Shutterstock)

Tik Tok Donates $10 Million to Fight Coronavirus (Dazed Digital)
Tik Tok is donating $10 million to the Wolrd Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund. The platform  teamed up with the WHO earlier this month to help combat misinformation about the virus and made a $3 million donation to help provide meals for families affected by school closures.


Yale Is Now Offering It’s Most Popular Course, The Science of Well-Being, Online for Free (Business Insider)
Professor Laurie Santos first began teaching the class under the name “Psychology and the Good Life” in the Spring of 2018 in response to what she saw as concerning levels of depression, anxiety, and stress among students on campus. The course soon became the most popular in the school’s history. In order to reach a wider audience, Santos has created a Coursera course, which allows anyone who wants to audit the class for free. Those who have taken it say that it is interesting, but also offers concrete and useful advice and strategies for everyday life.

Yale University (Shutterstock)

Ashley Longshore Releases Free Adult Coloring Book
Looking for something to do in Isolation? Artist Ashley Longshore has just released a free digital “coloring book” featuring original drawings of inspirational women: Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Florence Nightingale, and Nina Simone. Download the drawings HERE.

Ashley Longshore (right) (Courtesy)

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