Exclusive: Glamour Appoints Patricia Reynoso Editor of Glam Belleza Latina

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Glamour’s got a new girl for its quarterly Latina beauty glossy: beauty vet Patricia Reynoso will helm Glam Belleza Latina. Most recently, Reynoso was assistant VP of PR at Lancôme since 2009. Before that, Reynosa string of editorial gigs included five and a half years as beauty director at Ladies’ Home Journal, nearly six years as senior beauty editor at W, and a stint as fashion market editor at WWD.

Why Reynoso for the role, which comes about after the quarterly’s first two issues were helmed by Veronica Chambers? (As for Chambers, she’s a former Glamour features director, alum of Newsweek and The New York Times Magazine, and memoirist; she’s returning to her extensive freelance gigs.) According to Glamour EIC Cindi Leive, “Patricia has deep magazine roots, great journalistic chops, terrific beauty industry relationships, an unparalleled passion for beauty, and true knowledge of the Latina community in the United States, which is changing rapidly.” Quite a combo! Why bring on a key figure for the mag? “It became clear to all of us pretty quickly that we needed one steward for the brand in print, on glamlatina.com, and in social media,” Leive explained.

Glam Belleza Latina‘s summer edition—its sophomore issue—will be out on June 11. In her new gig, Reynoso will report to the Conde title’s exec beauty director, Ying Chu, on a day-to-day basis, while working with Leive on Glam Belleza Latina‘s overall direction. Look out for Reynoso’s first issue this fall. Her first day at 4 Times Square will be June 10th. Reynoso filled The Daily in on bidding adieu to beauty biz to do editorial again! 

Why segue back to editorial, Patricia?
Quite simply, I missed it. I missed the creative collaboration that exists in editorial—the brainstorming of ideas, writing and editing beauty copy, the excitement of capturing that perfect beauty shot on shoots…all of it!

When did you first get into glossies?
I was that kid who covered her walls with magazine tear sheets and who’d analyze magazine mastheads once I figured out being an editor was a bona fide career. And funny enough, Glamour was the first magazine that I ever read. To think that I’m returning to editorial via Glam Belleza Latina, writing for a Latin audience, is immensely thrilling.

What’ve you observed about Latinas and beauty from your years in the industry?
Latinas love beauty. This isn’t a stereotype or an empty marketing statement. We genuinely and truly love the beauty ritual and don’t hesitate to spend the time and money on looking the best we can. Our culture encourages it. It’s how we present ourselves and our families to the world. Going out looking bad just isn’t an option! Mami would send you back to your room!

What do Latina readers need most on the beauty front? 
Latinas want targeted advice. They want to feel like they’re part of the conversation. As such, it’s frustrating to read article after magazine article touting the benefits of “wash-and-go” hair. Latinas don’t do that! Not all Latinas have curly hair, but the vast majority do. I do!

Got it! Anything else that tops the Latina beauty priority list?
We also want advice on how to care for our skin. Latin skin manifests age differently versus our peers. We tend not to wrinkle, but we certainly lose firmness and we tend to have dark spots.

What can we expect from Glam Belleza Latina now that you’re in charge?
I have big plans for Glam Belleza Latina because the time has never been more perfect to talk to this new audience. I want to bring the book to every aspect of her life, in every permeation. As such, digital will be a big focus for us. Latinos as a whole have embraced digital in a major way, and the young Latina is no exception.

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