Q&A with Entrepreneur Eric Paskin on Addiction and the Restore Health + Wellness Center

by Thomas Herd

 Although the topic of addiction has come to the forefront of the news and pop culture in recent years, it still remains highly stigmatized. From admitting there’s an issue to addressing it with loved ones, and to finally seeking help, it’s a complex and emotional process. It takes a certain strength, understanding, and passion to be in this life-transforming, and ultimately life-saving, industry. That is exactly what makes Eric Paskin, the founder of the Restore Health + Wellness Center, the right man for the job. Having experienced the repercussions of addiction firsthand, and moving past his own personal demons, Eric uses his journey to help others find hope at the end of the tunnel, to uncover their own freedom.

Tell us about your background and how you started in the rehabilitation and treatment space!
Eric: I struggled most of my life with addiction, and even experienced homelessness for a few years. When I finally got sober, my sponsor suggested that I get into marketing and sales for addiction treatment facilities. I wasn’t looking to work in the industry, but I believe it chose me in a way.

What has been your biggest challenge in life?
Eric: You’d think I would say addiction, but ultimately my greatest challenge has been getting in my own way—an issue that I think is common for most people. We tend to be our own worst enemies.

What do you think has helped you be successful in your specific field?
Eric: I think what’s kept me successful as an entrepreneur and in a helping profession, is that I can tap into where people are at when dealing with addiction because I’ve been there. But I also learned how to connect and communicate the effectiveness of recovery to those who can’t see a way out when they’re in the thick of it. I always say you can’t see the picture if you’re part of the frame. I’m able to easily communicate what treatment and getting sober can do—and that message resonates.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
Eric: Although I’m more removed from it now because the business is so much bigger, it’s either getting on the phone with families or actually going across the country to help get through the initial challenge of getting their loved one into treatment. I’m still passionate about helping people navigate this first step of the process.

What sets the Restore Health + Wellness Center apart from other treatment facilities?
Eric: My staff—from our clinical director to our cooks—make Restore Health and Wellness Center such a special place. It’s the effectiveness, passion, care, and concern for our patients and their families that resonates and helps us be successful.

What is a motto, or a mantra you live by?
Eric: You have to put in the work to change the quality and condition of  your life.

What advice do you have to anyone who is struggling with addiction or something similar?
Eric: Do not allow shame and stigma to prevent you from getting help—whether it’s an addiction or a mental health issue.

What does the future look like for the center—is there anything you want to pursue?
Eric: My plan for the center is to continue expressing love and offering treatment to people seeking it. I believe if you keep your mission first and foremost, the business will take care of itself—so as long as we keep providing effective care and our hearts are in it, I can’t ask for anything else more than that.

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