How Newby Teas Preserves Tea’s Rich History While Improving Industry Standards

by Amir Bakian

While the modern-day beverage industry may be dominated by hybrid alcoholic seltzers and fizzy soft drinks, one ancient genre of beverages has been able to maintain its foothold in contemporary history: tea.

Legends say teas’ use was first discovered in China by Emperor Shen Nung back in 2737 BC. The Emperor was considered a herbal doctor working with thousands of herbalists and had supposedly researched herbs to boost immunity. Now, almost 5,000 years later, teas have become a staple in communities across the world.

Till the 17th century, tea was considered as the most prestigious gift. But since the invention of tea bags in the early 20th century (1908), cheaper teas found their way in marketing and became popular resulting in a decline in tea quality. Tea production became an industry driven by greed and mass production started irrespective of quality.

Newby Teas is committed to preserving the art and the tea culture. Its mission is to educate people about tea history, culture and its impact on health & humanity.

This is particularly palpable in the N Sethia Foundation’s Chitra Collection, the organization’s proprietary private museum which contains world’s some of the most important tea objects with the highest provenance. The Chitra Collection is perhaps the best source of tea’s multi-thousand-year history.

The Newby Teas brand is substantially owned by the N Sethia Foundation, allowing the company to completely self-regulate the quality of its teas and maintain the meticulous production standards.

Newby Teas’ valiant approach couldn’t come at a better time, as consumers across the map are becoming increasingly concerned about the health and ethics of the products they put into their bodies. With such a noble mission in mind, expect Newby Teas’ trailblazing, thoughtful and passionate point of view to spread throughout the tea industry at large in the years to come.

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