Editor’s Pick: Grover Rad Collection 003

by Freya Drohan

What: Grover Rad, an LA-based brand that launched with major noise in 2022, has just unveiled its third collection. And with its mantra being ‘clothes that start conversations’—it’s no surprise that we need to talk about it. After delving into the  onerous subject of abortion with her debut collection, followed by clothes that grappled with the billionaire space race, now creative director Lizzie Grover Rad turns the lens on the plastic surgery industry with ‘Nip Tuck – the Perfection of Beauty.’

Who: Tech entrepreneur Grover Rad’s background is also in interior design and art collecting, which are both intrinsic to her new fashion venture. Take, for instance, her collaboration with artists on attention-grabbing and thought-provoking prints that are emblazoned across otherwise understated silhouettes. The result is that her elegant garments for strong women serve not just as beautiful armor, but as documents of the time, with messaging that questions society and reminds both the wearer and viewer of pervasive issues.

Why: For ‘Nip Tuck – the Perfection of Beauty,’ Grover Rad’s pieces explore the ‘fountain of youth’ ideology—an elusive concept that works so well visually on a digitally printed long sleeve, sheer mesh top. (Ironically we imagine the vintage fashion-obsessed youths of social media will go nuts for this one!) Noting in her collection synopsis that 84% of plastic surgeons are men and 92% of cosmetic procedures in this multi-billion dollar industry are performed on women, items like  newspaper print Advert Bias dress and the silk-screened Propaganda Jeans also hit differently, with its call out of sexist old beauty adverts. The designer also teamed up with LA-based artist Mark Verabioff on imagery for two limited-edition items that dissect the problematic side of the male-led aesthetics industry.

See the collection below: 

Where: groverrad.com

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