Di Mondo Steals The Show At The Save Venice Ball

by The Daily Front Row

Who was that masked man? The always entertaining and deeeeep Di Mondo stole the show again at the Save Venice ball at the Pierre Hotel on Friday night in a mask of epic detail.  “It took me 120 hours to make it, and it involved over 5,000 Swarovski crystals and seven bottles of the strongest glue ever,” he told us. “There’s even a camera on my forehead that’s documenting everything. I just thought last minute that we had to install a video camera, because I really can’t see.” What’s the story behind Di Mondo’s look? “The name of this mask is ‘From This World’, because it’s a translation of my name in Italian and the inspiration behind it is: the journey of our lives and how we’re to achieve the fulfillment of our destiny. It represents that underneath all the layers of our lives that we hold dreams, which are given to us even before we’re born. When we finally connect to our inner self, not only do we understand who we are, but also the purpose of our lives. In addition to all of that, we encounter a clear crystallization of the power of creativity that lives within us. When that occurs, the world will open itself to us as a flower does when the rays of light arise to all possibilities of our existence. There’s a core light of energy that is the spirit that takes us through life.” Got that? 


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