Catching Up with Dom Perignon’s Trent Fraser

by Eddie Roche
Trent Fraser

Trent Fraser

Everyone’s favorite Brazilian, Lorenzo Martone, recently chatted with the most handsome man in the bubbly world. Take it away, Lo…

Trent Fraser is the vice president of Dom Perignon, man-about-town, and owner of a fabulous Instagram account. I recently caught up with him to talk about his style, famous friends, and his recent party at Art Basel. Naturally, we had some bubbly in our hands.

How do you define the Trent Fraser style?
Boardroom meets beach. It’s not unusual for me to arrive in Paris for board meetings praying that I switched out my Hamptons overnighter, which literally includes just a baseball cap and bathers for my suit bag! I’m Aussie so I’m just as at home and comfortable in no shoes and bathers on the beach. That said, I’m basically suited and booted 24/7. Dior is my absolute favorite! Their suits are incredible and I’m always dressed tip to toe in them. I’m a sucker for a great tailored suit. For more casual  I suggest anything from Jeffrey. It’s the best menswear edit and dangerously close to my office. I’m also in Berluti for loafers, Marc Jacobs has great chinos and shirts, and Acne and A.P.C for jeans.   

Champagne is probably the number one drink for any chic holiday party.
Champagne is a big part of my life all the time and not just because of the holidays. We have so much to celebrate in life and be thankful for, and while yes I’ll be cheering in the holidays with some great bubbly, I’m a firm believer you don’t need a special moment or reason to pop the cork. Being Aussie I will be sitting Harbor side in Sydney watching the fireworks over the bridge with my closest friends and family enjoying many glasses of Dom Perignon.

Trent Fraser, Cara Delevingne

Trent Fraser, Cara Delevingne

By the looks of your Instagram, you travel the world, you know everyone, and you’re always drinking Dom Perignon. I’m very jelly of such a lifestyle. Tell us a bit about your job and goals as vice president of such a prestigious brand.
I seem to have shared quite a few of these moments with you, Lorenzo! I’m blessed to have a full and fun life, but to be honest I did just post a photo of me swamped in boring data, spreadsheets, and the unsexy side of my life. There is no shortage of stunning places, people, experiences, glitz, and glamour, but this is far outweighed by the business, which is the most important priority. My role basically covers everything from A to Z, from business, strategy, commercial, PR, communication, marketing. My sole objective is to make the brand hot, and drive relevancy and desirability while being the best custodian and guardian of the brand possible. 

What are the three hot spots for a New Years celebration?
If at the beach, the Faena Hotel in Miami is certainly not to be missed. It’s a revolutionary property that is already a playground for the rich and famous. For snow, The Little Nell in Aspen is hosting a very special and exclusive Dom Perignon party, and you could not find a better way to conclude a long day on the slopes. The hottest of spots is really ringing in the year with your fabulous friends and family wherever you may be. What more do you need than epic wine and great friends? 

You just hosted with Aby Rosen the biggest night of Miami Art Basel—the hot ticket, the party where everyone is someone. Who were the three best-dressed in your opinion ? 
To be honest I just love the eclectic mashup of this event. It really epitomizes the diversity of the crowd. From the glamorous fashion in their finest couture, the power art personalities in three-piece suits, Lenny [Kravitz] and rockers in T’s to Jeffrey Deitch in his signature pastel suits. All expressions go. If you pushed me to pick a top three, I would go with Peter Brant Jr., Allison Sarofim, and Solange Knowles. 

Finally, do you drink at the office ? 
Let’s just say at times our bubbly is our greatest creative muse.

By Lorenzo Martone 


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Dom Pérignon’s vintage bottles serve as the prestige Champagne for Moët & Chandon, one of the world’s largest and most prominent.


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