Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Veronique Branquinho

by Paige Reddinger

As the pre-fall collections continue to trickle out, here are two hauntingly beautiful collections from Europe that are full of romance, fairy tale, and a dash of underlying edge to counterbalance the oozing femininity. 

Label: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini
Inspiration: “We decided to call the collection ’90s Romance. It’s about fragile, feminine, romantic pieces, but always balanced with a piece of hardware like the lace-up boots. The boots are perfect with these feminine dresses, because I don’t want them to look too girly. I also decided to add these military-style Edwardian pieces. Then we ended with this bamboo print, which came from this ancient embroidered Chinese cushion that I found in a vintage store. It was so charming to my eyes.” —Lorenzo Serafini
Highlights: Vintage knit tops, an Edwardian military jacket with white fur lining, reversible outerwear, to-die-for boots, lace tops with pearl button details, and floor-length bamboo-printed day-to-evening dress.

Label: Veronique Branquinho
Inspiration: Eerie and beautiful clothing for Branquinho’s brooding intellectual.
Highlights: Gothic dresses and capes, a Siamese cat print (prints are a bit of a new foray for Branquinho), and a must-have-immediately shearling and leather coat.

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