Here’s How To Get Free Botox In NYC And LA This Month (Yes, You Read That Right!)

by Freya Drohan

As the saying goes: “Feel the fear…and do it anyway.” Well, if you were afraid to get Botox, now is your time to carpe diem. Medical aesthetics brand Alchemy 43 are celebrating National Face Your Fears Day with free (!!) Botox at all locations in Los Angeles and New York City.

From October 20 through October 23, first-time clients can take advantage of this offer and receive up to 20 units, completely complimentary. Alchemy 43 recognizes that many people may be curious about pursuing the service, but remain too fearful to start. They’re hoping that this initiative will dispel any worries around beginning a Botox journey.

Research shows that when it comes to having Botox, people fear pain or discomfort, spending too much money, or looking fake. But the brand is steadfast in its mantra that “the best work goes unnoticed”. Their approach is more about a discreet and natural result, rather than leaving you looking like an extra from Nip/Tuck.

Alchemy 43 also offers 3D consultations so that clients are able to preview results prior to treatment. Topical numbing cream or distraction tools during treatments are also used.

Seems like it’s as good a time as any to put your best… face (!) forward and lock eyes with those fears head on.

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