Jared Leto Lost His Met Gala Head, Botox Thefts Are on the Rise

by Aria Darcella
Jared Leto

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Someone Stole Jared Leto’s Met Gala Head (GQ)
Jared Leto garnered a lot of attention at the Met Gala this year when he showed up carrying a replica of his own head. Leto had the head with him most of the night, and was photographed with it at afterparties. The problem is he has no idea where it is now. “I think someone may have stolen it,” he tells GQ. It’s entirely possible — several other people were pictured playing with it that night too. Luckily, Leto has a sense of humor about the situation. “If anyone out there finds it, bring it into your nearest Gucci store in exchange for a pair of dirty sneakers.”

jared Leto

Dakota Johnson, Alessandro Michele, Jared Leto (BFA)

Botox Thefts Are on the Rise (The Guardian)
Thanks to its hefty price tag, people are increasingly turning to theft to get their hands on Botox. Culprits range from those who get injections and walk out of clinics without paying, to people who straight-up break into spas after hours and steal supplies. Vials of Botox are expensive to begin with. But the added cost of having a professional inject it, plus the fact that its effects wear off relatively quickly makes it an incredibly pricey cosmetic treatment. “I’m not surprised by these crimes because Botox is really a sickness,” says Dana Berkowitz, author of Botox Nation: Changing the Face of America. “Once people start seeing the lines reappear, they panic… Patients have described Botox to me as an addiction.”

“I don’t condone these crimes, but I do understand the motive,” she continues. “This woman is being told we have to do everything in our power to battle the onset of aging, and most people can’t afford to do it. This is part of a larger social problem.”


Farfetch Is Now Accepting Clothing Donations (Vogue Business)
Farfetch is partnering with Thrift+ to launch a clothing donation program in the U.K. The program — which acts more like consignment than straight donation — is easy to use. Customers can simply request a donation bag, and either drop it off or request a free collection. Thrift+ handles everything else in regards to the resale process. Once something has sold, the customer gets a third of the profits back in the form of a Farfetch credit. Another third is donated to a charity of the customer’s choice. Thrift+ gets the remaining profits, and gives all unsold clothes to charity.

L.A. Confidential and Capitol File to Cease Print Publication (Page Six)
Two city-specific luxury titles — L.A. Confidential and Capitol File, which cover L.A. and Washington D.C., respectively — are becoming digital-only publications. Both are owned by Modern Luxury. While they will keep their names, their content will expand to national coverage. Additionally, while there will be layoffs they will only be in the “single digits.”

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