A Very Specific Fashion Crime Hits Madison Avenue

by Eddie Roche

The Madison Avenue Men’s Wearhouse has been the victim of a string of robberies totaling approximately $14,000 and the robber has a very specific mission: he only steals Joseph Abboud product and leave all other brands alone. [Insert fashion police joke here.] The brand-loyal criminal has broken into the store on three separate instances, twice by breaking the glass of the front door and once by breaking the glass of a window. According to insiders at Men’s Wearhouse, the thief has walked away with knitwear, blazers, and leather jackets from the Joseph Abboud line. “I don’t know whether to be upset or flattered,” Joseph Abboud told The Daily. Police do have a suspect in the case. We’re withholding the picture because we know you came to our site to view pretty things, so we’ll spare our readers.


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