Kiton Expands NY Presence with New Store on Madison Avenue

by The Daily Front Row

This July, the buzzing Madison Avenue is welcoming a new Kiton store – a 1,700 square feet space hosting luxury clothing and accessories for both men and women. The store has found its home on East 62nd Street next to other high-end boutiques frequented by Manhattan’s finest fashion connoisseurs.
This space is an addition to the Kiton boutique on 4 E. 54th Street – a flagship brand store offering a massive range of Kiton’s classic and new items, primarily for its male audience. The new store, however, is to be more centered on womenswear – a pivotal moment for the brand that has made a name for itself as catering to luxury men’s fashion.
The Italian brand is determined to make the new store one of the most desirable places for women to shop in New York. Antonio Paone, President of Kiton USA, comments: “the store on Madison is made the way I always dreamed it to be – I chose the location and was 100% involved in the process – up to choosing how to display the pieces.”
Indeed, Kiton women’s collection is expanding, and the new Madison Avenue store gives about 70% of its space to the items designed exclusively for female customers.

Why this change? It’s not only about Kiton’s pursuit of commercial success – although the company CEO admits Kiton’s sales have gone up since the brand started showcasing more womenswear. The company wants its female collection to account for nearly 50% of its sales within the next five years – a balance shift that can make Kiton a truly unisex brand.
Visitors to the new Madison Avenue store can enjoy the vast women’s clothing line that occupies the entirety of the ground floor, while the menswear can be found on the second floor – a smaller space with fewer items to offer.
The new women’s fall-winter collection lends its quality and chic to the fundamental pillars of Kiton’s fashion philosophy. Its essence is excellently put into one concise phrase on the official collection web page: “Traditional symbols of sophistication and tailoring are reinterpreted with femininity.”
What can you find in the new Kiton store, if you’re looking for the gems of Italian luxury women’s fashion? Elegant maxi silk dresses, cashmere trouser suits, virgin wool shirts, and so much more – all in a soft pastel color palette with intricate prints and immaculate silhouettes that never go out of style. Business or casual, classic or modern, plain or festive – every piece in the collection carries the touch of Kiton’s “feminine dégagé glamour.”
The collection is a vocal reflection of Kiton’s fashion values: the brand keeps spreading elegance and style around the world and remains the brand of choice for customers of all generations. The new Madison Avenue space is the epitome of eternal chic – both for women and men.

The store itself is a piece of art. Massive mirror panels, sophisticatedly accentuated lighting and the soft beige of the spacious rooms are the definition of Italian style and elegance you cannot help but yearn to touch and try. Even the smallest details are addressed impeccably – like the signature K letter on the chair cushions. You simply wouldn’t want to leave the boutique. Antonio Paone says that the conceptual creators of the space made sure Kiton customers “feel at home” while shopping with the brand. A peek into the new Madison Avenue Kiton store makes it clear – the traditions of the brand are safe with the heirs of Ciro Paone. Paone was the company’s founder, a charismatic Italian fashion master, and the inspiration behind Kiton’s iconic designs. He died in 2021 at his home in Naples, but his heritage and Neapolitan chic keep spreading around the globe through his equally creative and dedicated family members.
One of the keepers of Paone’s sacred sartorial tradition is his daughter Maria Giovanna Paone. She is now President of Kiton Global as well as Creative Director of Kiton’s women’s collection. Maria Giovanna recognized the potential for developing Kiton womenswear while her father was still alive and working – and she received his full support.
Kiton’s first collection for ladies was introduced to the public in 1995. Back then, it was a small selection of luxury items inspired by Maria Giovanna’s personal style. Paone believes that no matter which roles a woman must play in her everyday life – that of a mother, wife, employee, or manager – she doesn’t have to sacrifice her elegance or femininity to fulfill those. And Kiton womenswear helps ladies look and feel perfect on every occasion. And it’s not only about beauty – Kiton cares about the functionality and comfort in every piece.
In one of her interviews, Paone also said that Kiton’s female line is tailored for women with a strong personality – Kiton’s target female customers are independent, powerful, and passionate. Luxury and sophistication are the qualities Maria Giovanna strives to bring to every item she has developed for the women’s collection. And it’s safe to say she succeeds in her endeavor.

Paone doesn’t neglect the importance of conceptual continuity and integrity of the brand, either. Maria Giovanna is inspired by the classic men’s collections to develop her vision of luxury women’s fashion. In her 2015 interview with Forbes, Paone confesses: “Tailoring has always fascinated me. I’m using all men’s fabrics to make women’s jackets and pants. I’m using silk from men’s ties to make women’s blouses. I want to make it funny, maybe exaggerated and different.” The same enthusiasm, creative drive, and respect for her father’s sartorial heritage and approach to tailoring can be seen in the new collection displayed at the new Madison Avenue store.
With Maria Giovanna’s effort and profound creative dedication, Kiton is sure to leave a lasting mark in the world of women’s luxury fashion not only in Italy but all over the world. No doubt the three factors of success defined by Ciro Paone – passion, inner fire, and luck – are still running strong at the company. The brand plans to keep expanding its presence in the USA, and the Madison Avenue boutique is a strong statement of this intent.

You can book an appointment in the new store on Kiton’s website. Or simply come by and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of Neapolitan chic and quality that have been passed down along five generations of the Paone family.

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