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Naomi Campbell on Gilles Bensimon

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More delightful tidbits from our walk down memory lane avec the legendary Gilles Bensimon and some of the greats he’s worked with throughout his career! 

Naomi Campbell on Gilles Bensimon…
“I’ve known Gilles since I was 16-years old, and I’m blessed to still be working with him 28 years later. He’s always been so supportive of diversity in the industry and the fashion world has benefited from his influence.”

PLUS! Gilles Bensimon on Naomi Campbell…
“I adore Naomi. She’s a great person. People talk badly about her sometimes, but I’ve never seen her act like that and I’ve known her since she was a teenager. I love this picture, because she doesn’t look like the classic Naomi we know. I really like the face she’s making.”

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