Wishful Thinking

by The Daily Front Row

WHAT: 1884 Collection 18k Yellow Gold & Lapis Earrings with Small Ottaviano Coin

WHY: Whether your most-wanted lists in life concern love or amassing baubles, get a-wishing with this pair of danglers. With every purchase from the 1884 Collection, you can register your personal wish online. For each hope cast online, a coin gets tossed in the Trevi Fountain on your behalf. Additionally, the 1884 Collection has partnered with the New York Metro Chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation. Translation: a portion of each purchase goes towards fulfilling a child’s dream of traveling to Rome. If that isn’t an awesome reason enough to get accessorized, we don’t know what is…

AVAILABLE: $1,800, WilsonandSonJewelers.com


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