What We Can Learn About The Art Of French Living From Christofle & The New Infini Collection

by Freya Drohan

To ‘Infini’ and beyond! Allow us to introduce you to the latest from luxury silver and tableware brand Christofle. Recently released, the Infini collection is the culmination of over 200 years of excellence and experience. But when it comes down to it, the offering is rooted in what the French brand has known since day one: it’s all about easy elegance and pieces that fit seamlessly in with our day-to-day lives. As such, Infini Christofle thus offers seven revisited pieces and eight brand new pieces with unique shape and dimensions. Here’s what you need to know about the must-have addition to your entertaining repertoire.

Congratulations on the new Bal Harbor boutique. What do you want guests to feel when they enter the space?
This boutique was designed as a “Haussmann” Parisian apartment, after this visionary prefect who re-designed Paris architecture in the 19th Century . The ivory and khaki color palette, the wall moldings, and the dining table as the centerpiece were all inspired by this Parisian style. And of course, the gorgeous natural sunlight of Miami brings out the brilliance of the silver.

Tastemaker Stephanie Hill in the Christofle store, Bal Harbor

How does the French way of life/entertaining at home inspire what the company offers?
French art of living is the very essence of Christofle: we have been designing and producing some the world’s most beautiful tables since 1830. Setting the table, hosting friends and family every day or on special occasions, taking the time to enjoy a proper lunch or dinner: these are at the core of the French art of living. Christofle has been creating flatware, serving pieces, and table décor across two centuries. From Art Deco, Orientalism, Japonism, Art Nouveau, and contemporary design, with the contribution of some of the world’s most influential designers such as Andree Putman, Marcel Wanders, Ora Ito, and even Thomas Keller.

What do you think makes Christofle such a desirable brand among international audiences?
Christofle was actually the first to produce silver-plated metal in Paris. International expansion went fast: from New York in 1851 to Buenos Aires and all over Europe by the 1870s. French art de vivre, gastronomy, art, and design was spreading around the globe, and Christofle was part of it. Since then, Christofle has taken a special place in the hearts of those who care about elegant dining. More recently, Christofle invented the “art of not setting the table” with our iconic MOOD collection, which is an object of design as the same time as a table setting.

Christofle has opened boutiques in NY and Shanghai recently too—where next?
Christofle boutiques are opportunities to showcase our creations; the very special brilliance of silver and the endless combinations we offer to set a beautiful table. We are currently expanding our network, with particular focus on the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. Our historic flagship in Paris, located on Rue Royale, is where it all starts.

Tell us a surprising fact about the brand’s history that people may not be aware of.
Since Christofle is a pioneer in the art of silver plating, “Le Christofle” has become synonymous with “silver-plated” in the common language in France, for many people.

How does the new Infini Christofle collection differ?
Infini Christofle is an invitation to forget what you know about cutlery. It was designed by Studio Christofle to create a unique sensory experience through astonishing design. We worked on ergonomics to make each piece feel like an extension of the hand. We took into consideration contemporary lifestyle to streamline the shape and the number of pieces. We even invented a new piece of cutlery that you have never seen before: a fish knife that you can bring to your mouth as a spoon to enjoy your favorite seafood dish.

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