What to Wear for Your First Date and What to Avoid

by Caitlin Burrows

The dating game has changed and that may be the biggest understatement in the history of romantic dalliances. Clearly we live in a digital world and as such every interaction we have tends to go via a device or desktop long before we make face to face contact with any individual, client or business. Now, for the most part, this is something we’ve gotten used to living with but in all honesty have we, as humans, really gotten used to dating in 2021 and beyond?

Gone are the days of random connections and ‘hook-ups’, which clearly had their own issues and difficulties that needed to be ironed out, and now pretty much everyone under the age of 50 has a dating app which they either downloaded once (and decided against using it) or use one regularly. The number of dating apps is frankly astonishing and some are better than others. For example, Bumble, is one of the leading purveyors of online dating services. If you are interested in finding out more you can read the full info here. Indeed there are a handful of top services that comprise a large percentage of the overall user base, which goes some way to showing how the supply and demand in the industry works. So that means that when you are meeting on your first, physical, date then it’s likely you’ve already had a great deal of communication with your prospective partner and know just about everything about them, albeit as much as you can gather from scrolling through their social media pages. In order to help you look your best for your first date, here’s some key tips on what to wear and what to avoid at all costs.

Yes, Dress to Impress But Be Comfortable
Clearly there is a desire to be noticed, to be seen and to make an impression. However, sometimes trying too hard can look desperate and is very likely to make you feel uncomfortable and this will lead to you not being able to relax, which is crucial for your first date. Keep things simple. If you have a favorite outfit, wear it. Steer clear of very bright ‘look at me’ colors and dress according to the occasion. For instance, if it’s a dinner date you can of course look to take it up a notch. If you are meeting for a coffee dressed in a tux or that killer LBD, then it’s going to look strange…

Avoid Wearing a Whole New Outfit
Yes you may feel like this first date, especially if it’s with someone you can have developed a strong chemistry with virtually, to go for a new outfit so that you can feel like a million dollars but resist this urge. A new outfit will always take a while to get used to and the awkwardness you might feel while wearing it, will be more than evident for your date.

No High Heels
The reason for avoiding heels, especially super high pumps, kind of touches upon areas we’ve discussed. Firstly, whatever you might think or believe, it’s hard to look natural and composed while wearing them. Secondly it might look as if you are trying too hard. Thirdly, you may also tower over the person you have met who hasn’t yet revealed their height…

Don’t Be Too Casual, Avoid Sweat Pants or Exercise Wear
Yes we’ve stated the need to be comfortable but there’s no need to be THAT comfortable as the vibe you give off is one of someone who has other plans or just isn’t that bothered about the date itself.  Basically there’s a sweet spot between dressing in a manner that screams attention-seeker and one that gives off a sense of apathy. Try to aim for that point where the two diverge, we realize this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

No Over the Top Patterns or Colors
Now is not the time to wear that leopard print top or that cute golden clutch bag. Try to steer away from flashy colors and patterns as they will either steal the show, in a bad way, or could prove distracting to the overall ambience of the occasion. This isn’t to say that the outfit you may have in mind isn’t gorgeous, it might just not be suitable for a first date. Perhaps save this for a second or third date when things are more relaxed and you know precisely if it’s time to pull out the big guns!

Avoid Too Much Jewelry and/or Make-Up
The push to jazz things up with some blinged out jewelry or overdoing it with the make-up could come off like a peacock flashing their feathers in some elaborate mating dance. In other words, you’ll look as if you are giving off a signal of intent that’s far too desperate and unnecessary for a first date. Clearly accessorizing is a good idea when it comes to accentuating your look and make-up of some kind is obviously an option, the point is to use both tools in moderation.

Dress For You, Not Your Date
This final point is perhaps the most important. There’s a chance that you’ve derived a great deal of information about your date, from talking to them or doing your online research, don’t use this to inform your fashion decisions. Firstly you might not effectively do so and secondly the date isn’t just about them, it’s about you. If you find a nice outfit that you feel good in and doesn’t require to constantly think about it, adjust yourself and the garments you wear, then that’s pretty much all you need to complete a first date look.

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