Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick for Raymond Weil

by The Daily Front Row

Vikings star Katheryn Winnick, who plays the kickass Lagertha on the hit History Channel show, has been named the new face and brand ambassador of Raymond Weil watches. The actress has helped the watchmaker create a collection of new timepieces set to launch this May. Winnick dishes on her involvement with the brand and gives a sneak peek into her latest venture. BY LEILA BLAKE

How did you start working with Raymond Weil?
The relationship started when I got a call from my agent who told me that Elie [Bernheim, Raymond Weil CEO] saw Vikings on a plane, and binge watched for 13 hours. They were looking for a new brand ambassador and he was interested in having me be the next face of their watch campaign, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. It’s a perfect watch for someone like me who is very active but also elegant at the same time.

In what ways does the brand resonate with you?
Not only is the style very clean, beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous, but the different styles can go from day to night. For example, the new line is the Shine Collection and it has interchangeable bracelets, which you can change in a matter of seconds. If you’re someone like me who has meetings during the day, goes to the gym, or is even on the red carpet, it’s the perfect watch to go from day to night.

Do you have a personal favorite watch?
Elie made the face of one of the watches the same color as my eyes, and it’s my favorite. But now it’s the Shine collection with its interchangeable bracelets. I keep having a new favorite. Shine comes out in May for Mother’s Day. It’s more of an heirloom than something that tells time. In a world where you’re constantly glued to your iPhone, you have the time visible. But a watch should speak to your personality and have meaning. This is something that will last a lifetime.

What do you think sets this brand apart from other watch brands?
It’s a family-owned company, and I love that. Elie is the third generation running the company. I think that says a lot about the brand. No one has more at stake than when it’s something personal, or something that they’ve built. That sets the tone for the quality of the watchmaking and even for the people who work for this company. I got a chance to meet everybody. There are employees and watchmakers who have been there for 17 years, and they talked about Elie’s father, when he was their boss, and how much they love working for the company. I come from a very strong Ukrainian-Canadian family, and family is most important for me. That helped build my foundation. Even now with Vikings in its fifth year, there’s nothing that gives me more gratification than having a sense of home and building one with someone.

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