East End Update! What’s New at Unlimited Earth Care in Bridgehampton?

by Eddie Roche
Unlimited Earthcare

Unlimited Earth Care’s Frederico Azevedo has spent decades making the Hamptons an even more beautiful place. The award-winning landscape artist tells The Daily Summer what’s ahead for his beloved Bridgehampton location and shares some tips on what East End customers are obsessed with right now.

What’s new?
I’m moving into designing in Palm Beach, and the new Garden Market is open for the season.

Tell us about the market! Was this something you always wanted to add to Unlimited Earth Care?
Yes, getting to share Unlimited Earth Care with more people was always a part of the plan. The fresh plants and flowers we sell at the Garden Market are all used in my designs, and it’s exciting to get to share the elements of a sustainable Hamptons garden and see what people create. All the herbs, flowers, plants, shrubs, and vegetables we carry are native or well-adapted options that I know do well in the Hamptons. Our staff and myself, if I’m not out in the field, are always happy to help people find what they’re looking for.

Are most of the plants native?
The plants are all native or well-adapted. The native species are all clearly labeled, so someone looking to create a garden with native plants that help local pollinators can easily do so.

What kinds of accessories are you selling?
We have a great selection of unique garden accessories—planters, outdoor furniture, lighting, and sculptures. Some options are modern and others are more updated traditional, so people can find a way to reflect their own styles in their natural spaces.

Are there any items that are available exclusively at Unlimited Earth Care?
Our collection is curated to suit the Unlimited Earth Care aesthetic—sustainable updated classics that enhance natural atmospheres and help draw the eye to certain areas. The selection of items we have is unique.

What makes these products unique?
The collection at Unlimited Earth Care is taking a garden further, and that can be subtle or grand. There are different ways to make a statement or create an inviting space for entertaining. That can mean an elegant modern fire pit or chrome spheres spinning and shining as they float in the pool.

Do you offer delivery?
Yes, we do, and full-service garden and landscape maintenance.

You have an event coming up in June to celebrate the market!
Yes! We had to postpone the original opening party, but it’s now scheduled for June 25 at our Bridgehampton headquarters at 2249 Scuttle Hole Road, so we’re looking forward to getting to celebrate this new chapter for Unlimited Earth Care.

Tell us about the Sossego outdoor furniture line you’re selling.
Sossego offers modern Brazilian design. Its furniture is handcrafted from a wood that is naturally resistant to decay and fungi without the use of artificial preservatives. Its outdoor furniture is organic modern, sleek but warm. It’s a refined way to elevate any natural space. The right bench beneath a tree can create a whole world there.

Frederico Azevedo (Courtesy)

A lot of your work is about color. How did you become known as the go-to person for color?
When everyone was doing all-white gardens in the ’90s, I took a risk and went all-in on color; it just felt right to me. Ever since then I’ve worked on creating atmospheres through carefully planned color palettes. Sometimes it’s bright and intense, other times, soft and romantic.

What trends have Hamptons customers been asking for lately?
Vegetable gardens and pollinator gardens. People want to interact with the environment and find a way to connect with natural spaces. I design custom herb and vegetable gardens for clients; they’re a great activity for people who love to cook. Pollinator gardens are designed with native plants that attract birds, bees, and butterflies; they’re great for the environment. Maintaining local pollinator populations has become important in caring for the environment, and I’m finding people are more interested in that than ever.

Why is it important for you to connect with nature and the outdoors?
I’ve always loved nature. As a child I was always outside, either rearranging the planters, tending to my vegetable garden, or spending time with animals. Natural spaces can create intense emotions; it’s important to seek out those experiences. Of course, it’s also particularly important for us to care for the environment now, and helping people cherish nature is a part of that.


Your book is still available. Tell us about it.
Yes, my book, Bloom: The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo, is available on Amazon, in our store, or from the publisher, Pointed Leaf Press. The elements of my natural design philosophy are divided by chapter—Green, Stone, Water—and I was able to reflect on the composition of my designs.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Summer is my season, I’m looking forward to seeing everything green and blooming again. I’m also looking forward to Sundays at Sunset Beach, cooking for my family out on the patio, going swimming, and entertaining in the garden.

We always like to check in with your dog! How’s the pup?
Thank you for asking! Our French bulldog, Louis, is doing great! We just celebrated his first birthday.

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