Top Model Rebecca Mardikes is No Stranger to Success

by Thomas Herd

In contemporary society, there are many young girls who strive to reach the pinnacle of the modeling world. Traveling the world, mingling with high society, working with big name brands, among the many other exciting aspects of the industry are very alluring. However, very few make it to the top. Rebecca Mardikes is one of the few that did, as modeling came naturally to her. She was modeling since she was 18, but this was never the primary focus of her life- as she had many other prosperous endeavors and opportunities during her young career.

Mardikes grew up in Kansas City, and excelled at a wide range of things before she fully committed to modeling. She flourished in both academics and sports, eventually graduating with a Master’s degree from the University of Missouri, which is famous for being the best program for journalism. What is even more amazing, is that she got her Master’s degree when she was only 22. Mardikes did her undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri also, and already had 73 hours of college credits when she was just 17.

Sports is a big factor when employers and others evaluate an individual, as it shows critical qualities like dedication, competitiveness, and tenacity. Mardikes played soccer for ten years, she was also rated as the third overall recruit in the country for the high jump event in track and field. Mardikes had a plethora of opportunities to choose from when deciding to shape her future, and she ultimately decided to leave the Midwest and go to New York City, where she landed a job for a top PR agency.

Mardikes worked as a fashion publicist for two years, and had an internship working for Rebecca Minkoff. During her time as a fashion publicist, Mardikes was able to create relationships with top fashion brands- eventually leading her to her current occupation- as one of the top models in the country.

Mardikes is currently signed to one of the top international modeling agencies, and has been featured in glamorous events like Paris Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and New York Fashion Week. She has utilized influencer marketing to work with best-in-class brands like Express, Lucky Brand, Lee Jeans, Athleta, Drunk Elephant, Edition Hotel, just to name a few. She was also featured in the widely acclaimed Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and many others. She has incredible trajectory in the fashion world, and is definitely a name to look out for as she continues her rise in the industry.

Although Mardikes lives the life many young girls aspire to, she is not all about the glitz and glamour that come with the fashion world. She has many hobbies that serve as an outlet to her intellectual nature. She loves to read, write, and is well versed in different styles of poetry. She speaks multiple languages, and is always looking to learn more. One of her favorite hobbies is cooking and baking, as she is always looking for different recipes for her impeccable creations. Mardikes is also a major thrill seeker, as extreme sports have become some of her favorite. From jet skiing at high speeds, flying in helicopters that overlook majestic scenery, and skydiving- Mardikes is a true adrenaline junkie.

Although Mardikes is currently content living the life of a top fashion model, she wants to give back to her community and build a charity organization for children. She loves helping kids, as she always mentored her younger brother, helping him conquer any obstacles that stood in his way. Mardikes has always been passionate about children, volunteering and tutoring at various youth centers during her time in the Midwest. She has been successful every step of the way on her path, and it is a sure bet that whenever she opens her charity, it will be tremendously fruitful for everyone involved. Mardikes is loyal to her roots and is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, and just like her favorite football team, she towers over the rest in her field.

To learn more about Rebecca Mardikes, please visit her Instagram page @RebeccaMardikes

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