Thomas Tait Spring 2015

by Daniel Chivu

Satin separates in black and midnight blue opened up Thomas Tait‘s Spring show, languidly moving with the mods, with a shoulder or two suggestively bare. Linings in lemon yellow added some quirk to the equation, and foreshadowed the wilder pieces to come. A pair of high-shine bubblegum pink trou paired with a sheer, striped blue top sporting just one long sleeve kept the strange yet girlish vibe going. Those legging-like boots in nude resembled pantyhose, a bit too uncannily, even when flecked with pumpkin or blue hued abstract shapes. Midway through the show, cartoonishly outsized proportions took over, done in checkerboards of bright, primary colors and slightly iridescent nude panels. Pointy protrusions by the arms slightly resembled wings, and made the otherworldy clothes feel like they just might take flight.

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