This New York Doctor Is Dramatically Changing Our Dentist Experiences

by DN News Desk

The aesthetic and the medical industry go hand in hand these days. One field profits from the other, from a scientific and technological point of view. Whereas aesthetic medicine has already adapted to an exclusive clientele, the visit to the dentist still awakens the same old image – a fairly uncomfortable one. Dr. Marianna Weiner’s team at Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn is working hard to bring a change.

Dr. Weiner herself brings an experience of over 20 years and specializes in the wide segment of smile design and complete makeover procedures. She has bestowed her proficiency in the field for several clients. Hence, the name of her clinic, The Envy Smile Dental Spa. The expert initially started in the complete frame of classic dentistry but admired the aesthetic aspect. As the third generation of dentists in her family Dr. Marianna Weiner always had a clear goal to help people. Her father implemented an extraordinary compassionate approach to the profession in his daughter.

Understand Your Clientele
To provide unique and tailored experiences, you need to understand your clients. Dr. Marianna Weiner understood that not everyone that comes into her facilities for the first time, does so with a great sense of confidence and trust. Some might even be reluctant to take the treatment and have just come at a time where treatment has become inevitable. A result of the negative image of dentistry that has been manifested through cold ambiences and experiences resembling hospital environments. But with the first visit, it quickly becomes very clear that Envy Spa have a very different approach to their profession. It is a place that pays attention to detail, as well as everyone’s personal story. Health care and dental aesthetics are very personal after all.  That’s where her idea for the combination with spa treatment, inspired from her father’s compassionate approach, comes into play. She redefines the standards of an aesthetic dental clinic. Instead of only enticing clients through decor, art, and sophisticated architecture, she decided to offer something her clients would truly need.

Experts Only
There’s only so far a person can go with a single specialization. With her decades of experience, Dr. Weiner understood the requirement for expansion while not only maintaining, but even increasing quality levels. Thus, she hired and trained around 25 experts that currently provide services in her spa clinic. These include dental experts, spa therapists, receptionists, and other essential members. Today, the Envy Smile team is big enough to provide treatment for several clients at the same time. The same standards are kept for the facilities, that are equipped with the latest technology and science for consistently increasing results. The latest Sapphire laser whitening treatment? Or the popular invisaligns? Both standard procedures for the Envy Smile team.

When you understand your clients, keeping up to date with technological and methodological advancements becomes a necessity. Her always evolving, almost pioneering approach is the reason behind the several achievements, certifications, affiliations and awards Dr. Marianna M. Weiner has received in over 26 years. And after all that time, the moment another person starts to enjoy their dental appointments, and leaves with a big smile, is surely the most meaningful of all for her. 

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