The Selects Sneak Peek: Heohwan Simulation and KYE

by The Daily Front Row
The Selects

The Selects is bringing the best of Korean fashion to NYFW with a presentation on February 10. This year, the group is showing the work of 12 designers across 10 brands. In the days leading up to the show The Daily is catching up with some of these unique talents to learn more about them!

1. Hwan Heo, Heohwan Simulation

Hometown: Seoul
Years in fashion: 20
Zodiac sign: Gemini
First fashion job: Assistant designer
Ultimate style icon: Patti Smith
Fave Korean food: Makagooksu
Definition of good style: Something new
Ideal campaign star: Kristen Stewart
Fave movie: Francois Ozon’s films
Travel recommendation for Korea: Deoksu Palace
Fave book: The Empire of Fashion by Gilles Lipovetsky
Style motto: Have attitude
Three words to describe Heohwan Simulation: Multiple forms, unexpected lines, futuristic concepts
Fall 2020 inspo: 1970s Italy
Available at: Boutiques in Hong Kong and Japan

2. Kathleen Kye, KYE
@kkye @kye_official

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Years in fashion: 10
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Educational background: MA from Central Saint Martins in London
Pets: A pug named Fhi
Hobby: Jigsaw puzzles
Fave movie: Parasite
Hero designer: Alexander McQueen
Dream vacation: Relaxing at home
Favorite Korean food: Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)
Shopping recommendation for Korea: Boy+
Ideal campaign star: Digitally-made models
Three words to describe KYE: Bold, statement, different
Fall 2020 inspo: My state of mind, the story of living inside oneself
Available at: Urban Outfitters and Moda Operandi

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