The Daily Summer and Billabong Are Coming To Surf Lodge This Weekend

by Eddie Roche

This Saturday from 5-7 p.m., The Daily Summer and Billabong are throwing a ‘Summer Surf Party’ at East End staple The Surf Lodge in Montauk. Musician Donavon Frankenreiter will be on hand to entertain guests and we’re expecting surfers, socials, and our usual assortment of VVIPs. Invite only! Catch up on all things Frankenreiter before Saturday’s shindig in our recent interview with him in the latest Daily Summer. See you Saturday! 

How long have you been coming out East?
I’ve been playing here every summer for the past six or seven years. The first time I was introduced to the Hamptons was when Bruce Weber invited me to come out and do a photo shoot with him. We went to Andy Warhol’s house, and I was so tripped out about how crazy it was to be there and then shooting with Bruce. Bruce was like, “What are you and your wife doing tonight? I have tickets to Stephen Talkhouse, this tiny little hip club where Bon Jovi’s playing acoustic.” I was like, “What? Where are we?” Three or four years later, I came back to the Hamptons and started playing there a lot.
Who’s in your band?
There are three of us—Mike Duffy on drums and percussion, Matt Grundy on bass, guitars, and background vocals, and I play acoustic and electric guitar and sing. Our new album, The Heart, is coming out on August 4. Once we put out a record, we usually tour for about two years off that album all over the world. So once it’s out, the wheels will start spinning again!
How did you get into surfing?
As a child in San Clemente, California, I went to the beach a lot. Before I got a surfboard, I was trying to stand up on anything I had—a boogie board, skateboards, rafts, whatever. When I caught my first wave, I just fell in love with it, and I haven’t stopped since. When I was 12 years old, I was sponsored by Billabong as an amateur surfer. I turned pro when I was 16, and I’ve stayed with them ever since. I’m still sponsored and surfing and making a living riding. I’m 42 now, so it’s been a long and amazing relationship.
When did you launch your collection of Billabong trunks?
I did that about five years ago. It ran for three years. It featured a couple of pairs of trunks, a T-shirt and a button-down, and a pair of jeans. I haven’t done one in a couple of years, but I know there’s been some talk about getting that going again. I hope it happens! It’s exciting to be in there with those guys and conceptually come up with ideas and then have it come out.
What’s your go-to spot for surfing?
My favorite place to go is in Hawaii with my family. I’m on the road for seven or eight months of the year, so when I’m home, I feel like I’m on vacation.
What do you wear when you perform?
Mostly pieces from Billabong. I love the collection, and sometimes I wear pieces that never came out in stores, or they’ll make me something custom. Sometimes I’ll pair their stuff with vintage, or my wife will bleach a shirt or cut a shirt in half. I keep it pretty casual, though. No dressing up in weird outfits.
We understand that you’re venturing into retail?
Yes! I launched an e-commerce site,, last year. We sell things that reference our bohemian lifestyle, from fashion to housewares to everything in between. Some of the brands we carry are Surf Bazaar, Valley Eyewear, Mother Denim, Nick Fouquet, and one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world. In 2016, we’re opening a brick-and-mortar store in Hanalei, Kauai.
What’s essential in every surfer’s closet?
A pair of trunks and a wet suit. For the hard-core surfer, that’s all you need!
What kind of board do you have?
I work with Hobie—they make all my surfboards, and I have my own collection of boards with them, too. I have single fins, twin fins, four fins….all my collections are available through and all over their surf shops.
Besides music and surfing, any other passions?
I’m really into painting, and I love being a dad and a husband. I have five things in my life that I’m obsessed with, and those are all I do!
Any plans for July 4th?
Well, I’ll be working! I’m flying to either North or South Carolina to perform.
How do you unwind?
I like gardening; it’s a form of meditation for me. We have a garden at home with four huge beds of vegetables and fruit. It’s fun for the kids. I’ll say, “Grab some onions, cilantro, and kale.” It’s fun for them to eat what they’ve planted.

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