Tezza Barton’s Inspiring New Pursuit

by Eddie Roche

Tezza Barton and Inspr have collaborated on a limited edition collection, INSPR-D By Tezza, out this month. The popular creative director, bestselling author, and Instagram favorite tells The Daily what the line will look like and reveals her plan to create a global brand. Plus, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tezza! 

How did you and Inspr hook up?
I met some of the team at another event in NYC and we got talking and hit it off.

What what will the line look like?
If Indiana Jones were a woman she would be rocking it.

What are some of your favorite pieces?
I am living for the cropped Utility Jacket and the granite brown shift dress.

What was the biggest challenge in the process?
Fashion moves really quickly so trying to pull together a line that I love and feels perfect felt like a lot of pressure while trying to also balance all the other business ventures I am working on.

Tezza Barton

Was having a collection with your name behind it on your bucket list?
Absolutely. I have been designing and sewing clothes since I was 16 and held many fashion shows of my own. This is only the beginning.

You have a devoted following on Insta. What do you think differentiates you between other people out there?
I strive to create and offer tools in the creative space. I am not just sharing my life but trying to inspire others to take their creativity to the next level. I support them and they support me, we are all in it together.

You and your husband (Cole Hermann) are relatively new to New York. Why did you move here? How are you adjusting to life here?
I lived here briefly when I was 16 attending Parsons and FIT so I knew what I was getting into. But Cole and I came here as often as we could while dating and fell in love with the energy of the city and knew we had to put our roots down. I would say it was the easiest adjustment and best decision we have made yet.

Tell us a little bit about your musical background. Are you still performing?
I grew up playing instruments and started writing my own music when I was in elementary. My entire family has an explosion of musical talent and we all have played in bands at one point or another and together.  I am absolutely working on new music and lots of exciting things coming in the near future.

What are your other professional goals?  
I want to create something much bigger than me, a global brand that really brings the ‘art of life’ to reality. Everything we create within Tezza is to support the cycle of giving the world new tools to be creative, see something differently or challenge themselves. I wish I could talk more about all my plans but I am keeping those secret for now!

Is another collection something you’d like to do?
It’s something I will do!

Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?
Alessio Albi (@alessioalbi), Chloe (@chloe), Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer (@feeglory), Marta Bevacqua (@martabevacqua), and Blair Breitenstein (@blairz).

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Tezza Barton! 

1. I never wear or own flats even though I am 6ft tall.

2. I met my husband the week he was born at the hospital, our parents were best friends

3. I have a serious sour candy addiction that I think about quitting but life’s too short.

4. I was just introduced to Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch and it’s my guilty pleasure.

5. I used to dress my little sister up and host fashion shows for my family, strobe light and all.

6. I am extremely clumsy. Once fell backwards into a pond with Lilly pads and frogs with over $10k worth of photography equipment on.

7. When I was a kid I thought I wanted to be a dentist… WHAT??

8. I painted a painting in kindergarten that won a national contest and hung in the White House for 4 years.

9. I snuck into a Project Runway filming at 16 and ended up hanging out with Heidi Klum.

10. The only thing in my fridge is La Croix.

Tezza Barton (Ryan Liu)

Barton was a panelist last week at the “Inspired: Beyond The Influence” summit in New York where she held a master class discussing “Bringing Your Wildest Visions To Life.” The all day summit also included conversations with Poppy Jamie, Rebecca Minkoff, Courtney Quinn, Wendy Nguyen, and Chantel Waterbury.

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