“Steven McCoy Drops Gems on Building A Successful Brand In The Entertainment Industry”

by DN News Desk

The Entertainment industry is unlike any other industry out there. There are no barriers in it and no limits as to how successful you can be. In fact, it is more of how much you can get out of the evergreen industry. Though most see the glisten and glamorous side, you must also know the realities of the entertainment industry as sometimes people lose their ways and end up at the bottom of the barrier. Who is better than to learn all this from an expert and successful entertainment business personality Steven McCoy. Here are keys to build a successful brand in the entertainment industry. –

  •  “Recognize your talent. You cannot develop any brand randomly, you need to recognize your talent and be confident with it. I remember during my interview with BET Networks the Production Coordinator by the name of Sharon Jarrett Chambers, she asked me “What do you do? What can you do? What can you bring to the table?” My response was “I can do everything, I can write, produce, edit etc” She cut me off and said “You can only do one thing, that’s confusing.”

 I then asked “Why can’t I? Tyler Perry and them did…” etc etc it’s hilarious looking back on it because I was so nervous, while trying to still stand my grounds and thought at that point I wasn’t going to get the job because I felt my responses weren’t impressing her one bit.  I got the job (laughs) but moral of the story Sharon was so right as she said “You’re not going to get anywhere being in the mix and all over the place and doing everything at once, you need to choose one thing and master that and then work on those others one by one.”  So choose your strongest gift as mine was writing and now I get the luxury and freedom to branch out to do other things that build my brand.”

  •  “Don’t overthink, just go for it. If you are confident in your talent, you should really go for it and give 100% in anything that you do.” Steven McCoy found his talent in creating entertainment content, he worked with the Walt Disney Company to achieve his dream.
  • “Every job is important and it helps you stabilize your career.” Steven started his career as just an intern but finally went on to launch his own entertainment business called Spoken Entertainment LLC.
  • “If you don’t have the skill to acquire it then study it, knowledge is power. It’s what’s going to most certainly keep you there if it doesn’t keep you at the top.” Although Steven was talented from childhood, he still did took courses in Media Arts, Minor Creative Writing at NJCU (New Jersey City University) to sharpen his skills to be what you see him to be today. Steven also mentioned he took TV writing courses via Writing Pad.
  • “Reality is so harsh, especially to a Cancer like me (laughs) who just truly believes in humanity and all things peace and love. We have come very far as a society but boy do we have so far to go as I feel so many things has set us back within the past few years. There has always been discrimination, racism and colorism that has play in the industry of entertainment. I’ve unfortunately had to face discrimination and backdoor racism but please to those who are coming behind me don’t let that discourage you. There are still good people out there and if you haven’t found them then guess what? Look in the mirror and you show them and be the change you want to see in others, it may hurt sometimes but the strength that comes from love is so much stronger than conforming to the hate the world can possess.”

Steven has given many interviews in which he often shares his own experience of aforementioned instances and his upcoming book titled, “Sessions with Steven: The Lie I Almost Lived to Get Ahead” will have important details in it.

  •  “Final key to success is to always remain humble even when you are on top. There are ways to celebrate your wins without getting big headed. I believe ego can move you to a space of false reality. Truth is anything can be taken away and if it does your mental is going to be so screwed up because your feet was never on solid grounds.  I always say I am not here for clout, I am here for the cause and the cause is what is going to create change to be able to make a difference. Make sure whatever you’re doing there is purpose.”

Steven regularly organizes charity events and helps others who have been going through difficulties. His philanthropy work is very well known to his community. Steven’s show “Sessions with Steven” is available on iTunes and iHeart Radio you can reach out to him on his IG: @stevenmccoy.

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Khadeejha Brown April 30, 2021 - 9:31 AM

To my son, you have stunned me over and over again! Mommy is so proud you and the work that you continuously do! Some don’t know your struggle! Most wouldn’t be able to accomplish what you have with your (dis) abilities! You found a way to overcome all obstacles! Continue to be GREAT!!! I LOVE YOU


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