Sonia Pronk, a fashion lady and her shoe brand have taken over the internet

by Amir Bakian

Indeed, the advent of the internet has introduced us to the most profitable channel of communication. However, it is also the most ordinarily used platform, which is why everything here is so commonplace. Despite that, a few individuals, like Sonia Pronk, know how to be conspicuous and reap the most from this very prominent platform. Sonia Pronk is eminent on Instagram owing to her fashionable and luxurious lifestyle. Talking about her enthusiasm for fashion and style, she has a gigantic heart for shoes in particular, and that was verified when she launched a shoe brand of her own called Enji. Sonia Pronk has currently put this brand on hold and is expected to resume soon. Its unusual design enabled it to spread on Instagram like wildfire soon after its launch.

This luxury brand by Sonia Pronk had a cool African tribe design that made it unique and loved. Many celebrities, including Blac Chyna, wore these shoes, indicating the brand’s popularity. We hope that Sonia Pronk soon brings this brand to life with new blood.  Sonia Pronk has often been glimpsed buying shoes from several notable and luxurious brands. She has a collection of shoes worth £200,000. Introducing this brand ignited her entrepreneurial side too. She started her journey on the social media channel Instagram in the year 2018 and collected likes in the thousands.

This fashion enthusiast came to Dubai in the year 2018. She is married to a multi-millionaire financier, Nico Pronk. Apart from investing a conspicuous amount in wardrobe, she also possesses a few philanthropic qualities and has done many charitable works to date. Sonia Pronk believes she should restart her shoe brand or another brand so that she can do more charity work and we wish her all the luck.

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