Rita Ora Is Officially A Material Girl

by The Daily Front Row

In a whirlwind photoshoot tour of London, Rita Ora proves why she was hand-selected by Madonna and her chic daughter Lola to star in the latest Material Girl ad campaign. Apparently, the edgy singer has a knack for being discovered by celebs (as she was by Jay-Z in a London nightclub four years ago). Now, Ora can’t even star in a photoshoot without herds of paparazzi chasing her around her hometown on motorcycles. In the campaign, Ora hams in front of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and atop a double decker bus. Across the pond, Material Girl clothing is on Macy’s racks. What piqued Madge’s interest in the singer? “Rita is a talented beauty, but what really drew us to her is the confidence she oozes through her music and her unique sense of style. This is what the Material Girl brand is all about!” Go, Rita, go. Click here to see more images from the photoshoot!

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