Red Velvet Burlesque Show: World-Class Entertainment and Smart Business

by Amir Bakian

The Red Velvet Burlesque Show – started during the pandemic at venues around the country – has made a name for itself through audience-engaging burlesque and variety performances. Its unique approach keeps audiences coming back for more. The venue’s proprietors seek out and retain quality talent, given that performance excellence is the show’s top priority.

Initially launched in the Big Apple, also known as New York City, its popularity and accolades prompted the show to spread around the U.S. As a result, the Red Velvet Burlesque Show is now one of the fastest-growing burlesque and variety shows nationwide. Thanks to great reviews and word-of-mouth, its popularity has permitted expansion into major cities nationwide.

A Burlesque Primer
Burlesque began in the late 1800s, with dancers performing sensually and artistically. You may think – isn’t burlesque just another strip show with dancing? A burlesque show should not be directly compared to the experience of visiting a strip club. For example, you shouldn’t expect to see nudity; instead, think of the best burlesque shows as combinations of various routines. Performers design their acts carefully and often incorporate singing, acrobatics, gymnastics, and various performance art techniques to give their performances unique appeal and creative flow. In burlesque shows, performers can integrate others into their acts and may perform with others as part of a group of acts or even pull a specific audience member into the act. Creativity is also a big part of each performer’s unique approach to makeup, costumes, and various accessories, giving each performer a unique appearance and style. However, you should not touch a performer in burlesque unless you are asked to, and this is another way burlesque differs from other genres.

Given the traditional expectations set by the show over many years, including the variety format designed to keep all kinds of audiences delighted and surprised, it allowed the style to become accepted by the mainstream public as a respected genre. Given its mass appeal, burlesque became very popular over time, gaining wide recognition across the U.S. and the world. 

A Unique Venture, Off to a Roaring Start
The foundation burlesque has established over many years is one key aspect that helped the Red Velvet Burlesque Show become popular and well-known in just a few years. Once established, the show began hosting weekly venues using some of the most talented and diverse entertainers, much to the enjoyment of audiences everywhere. These performances incorporate the latest choreography styles combined with traditional burlesque sequences to offer a new and unique style that differentiates and distinguishes the Red Velvet Burlesque show from other shows. Given burlesque’s mainstream acceptance and popularity, it’s not surprising that the Red Velvet Burlesque Show’s quality talent continues to entertain more and more audiences coast to coast. While most are intrigued and delighted to see a unique take on variety and burlesque, it has also inspired more than its fair share of criticism and criticism. These are often competitors and rejected, poor-quality acts that are unable to demonstrate professionalism, real talent, and the attention to detail that the producers of the Red Velvet Burlesque Show carefully and diligently managed.

Red Velvet Burlesque Show – A First-Hand Account
Having been to many burlesque shows, regular patrons of such shows have noticed how Red Velvet Burlesque Show stands out from other burlesque shows. They notice the unique costumes, the variety of acts, the quality of the talent, the attention to detail, and the exploration of typical boundaries. For example, patrons often talk about the shows being fun and humorous, as often burlesque performers will get audiences to laugh in addition to demonstrating a sensual and seductive performance. 

It is common for birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and various celebrations to be key audiences at the Red Velvet Burlesque Show. They notice that performers are at another level of quality, given the screening process that the venue’s talent scouts do. The variety aspect is also another aspect of the show’s uniqueness; often, its acts are something audiences have never seen before. Whether it is the unique combination of dancing styles, the innovative approach to drive both sensuality and humor, or the beautiful costumes and accouterments that complement and enhance the artistic nature of their performance. Audiences are often getting the very best experience

One attendee of the Red Velvet Burlesque show recently wrote,” I came here for my uncle’s birthday party when we were in town celebrating at Southern nights in Tampa; this was so much fun, I don’t even know where to begin. The host was hilarious, and all the performers were extremely entertaining and talented. It was something that I did not really expect; I thought it was going to be decent, but it was really over the top and fun. I highly recommend checking this burlesque show out”. Truly a testament to the detail and quality that goes into Red Velvet Burlesque performances and its humor and fun!

When Envious Competition Takes the Low Road
There’s nothing wrong with fair competition. It improves shows and venues over time, and the positive evolution of the craft is a very positive aspect of such fair, competitive practices. However, everyone loses when false allegations are made to bring another organization down. It undermines the artists and talent that perform at Red Velvet Burlesque show and hurts them when they read lies about their acts or harshly critical reviews from trolls that obviously never even attended their shows. Everyone connected with the Red Velvet Burlesque Show, not only its founders but many talented performers and others supporting the show, are hurt and disappointed at the actions of certain competitors. These people have gone too far to dish out filth on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

On the other hand, smart competitors learn more about these unique performances and how the producers reach audiences everywhere. They look at their own shows and realize there is room for a lot of improvement given the reach of quality of the Red Velvet Burlesque Show. This is a great example of fair competition, which is good for the industry. It pushes everyone to continue innovating and evolving so they can continue to touch lives and bring joy to many through beautiful performance art. Unfortunately, some competitors have chosen to ignore the social media slander and not communicate with the show’s producers. This could result in some industry-benefiting collaboration and solidarity against lies and misinformation. A smaller group has even encouraged these vicious attacks, and by doing so, are indirectly contributing to burlesque itself taking a hit from made-up criticism. What’s fortunate for the Red Velvet Burlesque show is that people attending the shows and enjoying them with their friends and family show that these allegations are untrue and don’t hold any merit.

Moving Past the Nonsense: The Show Goes On and Grows On
Regardless of the misinformation and lies spread by certain competitors, the fake reviews by the so-called talent that couldn’t make the cut and are angry about being rejected, and other critics contributing lies to social media, the Red Velvet Burlesque Show moves past the negativity quickly. In 2023 and beyond will continue to focus on the good instead of paying mind to the bad. The producers are always innovating and improving the show so that it stays far ahead of the competition, delights audiences everywhere, and continues to grow nationwide. Continuous improvement and constant innovation mean they are always looking for and finding the very best burlesque and variety performers and performances in the country.

There are many reasons the Red Velvet Burlesque show has seen success and growth since 2020. Among them is the experience that makes the venue innovative and exciting. By attending one of the Red Velvet Burlesque shows, you, too, will see the magic live and be delighted and enthralled with the show’s wonderful talent. It’s all about the performance quality, which translates into a unique, exciting, and fun experience.

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