Ramy Brook Opens Up Shop In Nolita

by Dena Silver

Who was popping champagne in Nolita last night? Ramy Sharp, who was toasting the opening of her very first brick-and-mortar shop of her label, Ramy Brook. Stocked with plenty of those silky tops and jumpsuits she’s known for, there were also a slew of fur shrugs to drool over and a selection of her latest handbag designs. The designer’s close pals were on hand to imbibe and shop, including Alison Brod, Jennifer Miller, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Robi Ludwig. “It’s like a dream come true,” Brook told us about the store. “What’s nice is I get to have my own voice! I get to pick the colors, the employees, the clothes, and the way it’s decorated. I was very hands on, literally! I even went to the florist today to pick out the flowers.” Who knows, the next time you pop in the store, you might even get to shop with Sharp herself.

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