Q&A with Top Miami Real Estate Agent Reid Heidenry

by Thomas Herd

The Miami real estate market has been nothing short of remarkable over the past several years. It particularly picked up during the pandemic as people began heading South for warm weather, less taxes, and a better quality of life overall. We caught up with one of Miami’s top real estate agents, Reid Heidenry, to see what he has been up to and how he feels about the current status of his city.

What’s your favorite part about living in Miami?
RH: It’s like living in the Caribbean, but you’re still in the U.S. Miami in paradise; I’m exposed to people from all over the world, have the opportunity to learn and grow, and I always feel like I’m on vacation.

What are some of your favorite places to go in Miami?
RH: I love The Standard. It’s on the bay side. A lot of tourists just go straight to the ocean, but The Standard is a hidden gem. It has a beautiful pool, amazing sunsets, and a great crowd. If I’m going out, I love Socialista Lounge in Brickell.

What does an average workday look like for you?
RH: What’s interesting about real estate is that we have to wear a hundred different hats. Some days I have a ton of computer work. Other days, I am out running around doing showings, getting to go to some of the coolest penthouses or homes.

What do you feel has contributed most to your success?
RH: Being consistent and disciplined. Putting hours in. When I started, I was really young and had no family in Miami. I built my network and worked hard, learning as much as possible. Since 2006, I have done real estate. I never deviated from that. 16 years later, that consistency and discipline turned into expertise.

Where do you see the Miami real estate market in the next five years?
RH: I’m completely biased, but I am the biggest fan of Miami you’ll ever meet. Down here, there is no state income tax. Quality of life is so much better in Miami than New York or other cities. Miami is like a 5-year-old compared to most cities; it’s young. If I could buy stock in Miami, I would, and buying real estate is buying stock in Miami.

How did the pandemic affect business for you?
RH: A lot of New Yorkers made the move down, so business has been busy. COVID forced people to discover a better quality of life elsewhere. It made people take Miami seriously, as more than just a party destination. People in tech and finance could now live and work down here, too.

Now for some more fun questions…

What’s your guilty pleasure?
RH: I love people and connecting with others. So, after working hard and having a good day, I like going out for dinner and drinks with friends and connecting with people. I like getting all my friends together, maybe at The Standard or at a happy hour.

What is the last thing you binged on Netflix?
RH: Peaky Blinders

Once we can truly travel again, where do you want to go?
RH: I work nonstop from September through the end of May and stay in Miami and grind. Summer always slows down here so it’s a nice time to take some good vacations especially July and August. I may do this big hike in Switzerland this summer, or I may go to Italy. Lots of my friends will be there. I just want to go back to Europe and enjoy nature.

Any hidden talents?
RH: In high school, I was in the circus club. I can juggle clubs that are on fire.

Lastly, any advice for your younger self?
RH: Enjoy the present moment. The goals that I had a couple of years ago, I have already accomplished. Don’t lose sight of that, but always try to get better and improve. Take time for reflection.

To get in touch with Reid regarding real estate, contact him here. Follow his Instagram to get an inside look at his life and all the best things about Miami.

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