Newly Launched Opt Health Aims To Transform The Men’s Health Industry

by Thomas Herd

Innovation, and the inherent optimization that comes along with it, has always been a driver in business, technology, and science, yet in recent years, the desire to self-optimize has rapidly spread through to the broader population. We want to be more than “better,” we want to be our best, in every aspect of our lives.

Since good health is the foundation for everything, it’s the best place to begin one’s self-optimization journey. Yet, the men’s healthcare industry has been struggling for years to provide individualized care to meet growing demand. Enter Opt Health, a revolutionary telehealth platform that aims to benefit both patients and doctors by transforming how we think about and approach men’s health. Opt Health expands access to preventive medicine far beyond the elite circles of top-earners, athletes, and celebrities who exclusively had access to these treatments in the past.

The newly-launched venture is the brainchild of co-founders Camilo Isaza and Dr. John Tidwell: who, together with a team of doctors and engineers, are on mission to democratize the science of preventive medicine by reconnecting men with their health, wellness, strength, and sexual vitality. Opt Health’s main goal is to give men their freedom back—to give them their edge. The first step is to destigmatize this field of medicine and to focus on preventive measures, longevity, and performance. Opt Health believes that too many men are simply living suboptimally. Although this field of medicine is not new, Opt Health’s unique approach to it is.

Through the platform, men have access to effective and evidence-based treatments, world-class doctors and specialists, and an interactive dashboard to track their key health metrics, all from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Opt Health encourages men “to proactively take charge of their health and wellness by getting the personalized medical attention, education, and treatments they need to feel their best,” explains Isaza.

Besides the obvious convenience of virtual appointments, cutting out a visit to a brick-and-mortar clinic allows patients to see renowned specialists who may be based across the country from their living room. The telehealth route also increases the number of patients that the leading minds in the field of men’s preventive medicine can consult and treat—a win-win.

Opt Health’s robust dashboard and app provide a one-stop destination for insights into lab results, private messaging with providers, and an individualized and responsive Opt Health performance score that makes it convenient to track your progress. For a fixed monthly membership fee, clients gain access to doctor consults, prescriptions and supplements, blood work, health coaching, and a team of real people who are there to support and guide them along the journey to reach their health goals. Compared to the rushed 5-10 minute consultations and sky-high bills that come with the traditional healthcare model, giving Opt Health a try is a no-brainer. To learn more about the future of men’s health and get started on the path toward achieving your health goals, head to Opt Health—and get your edge back.

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