Meta Bounty Hunters: First NFT Community to Track and Reward NFT Holders

by Prestige Perfections

Just a few short years ago, NFTs were only looked at by collectors and speculators. In the last two years, however, Non-Fungible Tokens have become a mainstream phenomenon that the world has at least heard of, if not taken part in this rapidly emerging innovation. The demographic that is most familiar with and already understands the concept behind NFTs is art collectors, investors, entrepreneurs, and the digital age generation. That generation has already taken part in purchasing skins within games, on top of other add-ons, without even knowing that they were initiated to this nascent market. There is a wide array of utility to NFTs, ranging from digital authenticity of artwork, memberships, and, most importantly, an inherent decrease in counterparty risk. With marketplaces specializing solely in NFTs, the digital evolution involving the Metaverse and NFTs is becoming a reality. One day you will not even know you are an NFT holder as it will be a part of our daily lives, i.e. real estate contracts, driver’s licenses, event tickets, etc. Enter Meta Bounty Hunters, a collection of 8,888 NFTs, that are on a mission to protect and take over the Metaverse and all that reside within. Designed by veteran master comic book and Game of Thrones illustrator, Mike Miller, the project has created quite a buzz in the industry. Meta Bounty Hunters has a unique way of giving back to their community through two industry firsts: a direct reflection and an affiliate reflection. The latter is a reflection of their contribution to the growth and protection of the galaxy. Just for holding a Meta Bounty Hunter, the founders have vowed to share a direct reflection with its holders, from their custodial defi protocol, and additionally reward those that share the mission with others, through their Affiliate Reflection Referral. The founders’ goal is to make sure the proceeds from the mint are deployed in a way that will directly benefit the community. Last but not the least, the founders wanted to make sure they set up a “Do Good Fund” to positively impact the planet and Galaxy alike. A few times a year, the community gets together for a chance to vote on which “do good” deed is done to give back.

Maximizing uniqueness, the Hunters tokens are ascribed 235 traits distributed across 14 categories. The random traits distribution ensures that each NFT is a creatively designed, one-of-a-kind, avatar. As the design team makes updates available to each avatar’s look and capabilities, the upgraded Hunters will be airdropped to existing token owners. As this niche market is growing and evolving it seems that the Meta Bounty Hunters have their place in the Metaverse chiseled in stone. It comes as no wonder as the Meta Bounty Hunters project sold out all 8,888 NFTs within the first month at the time when the floor price on the secondary sales marketplace has been rising exponentially. This is happening against the backdrop of most other projects feeling the effect of a declining cryptocurrency market cycle. Taking the idea from ideation to sell through in just 4 months, completely selling out in only 30 days, the Meta Bounty Hunters NFT project is setting the standard for the industry. The future seems bright and right with the Meta Bounty Hunters roaming and protecting the NFT galaxy. Though the project is far from completion, it already is making the galaxy and Metaverse a more beautiful place for its inhabitants. Follow their socials and join their Discord community, to stay up to date on the future of the project!

Presented by: Prestige Perfections

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