Man On The Street, Hollywood Edition: Take II

by The Daily Front Row

We’re beyond ecstatic to meet new friends in Hollywood. But how fashion-savvy are they? First we chatted up a Ryan Gosling lookalike; now, get to know another Angeleno…

Michelle, age withheld, “Elsa the Snow Queen” from Frozen, Hollywood, CA
I came to Hollywood because I had a record deal with Warner Bros. I ended up staying. Sometimes I’m dressed out here as a Playboy bunny or 
Gaga, but I make the same tips whatever I wear. 

How would you describe the style on Hollywood Blvd.?
It’s tourists so they have good style. The Brazilians are best dressed by far. The Asians wear Chanel, but mix it with sandals, which is not a look.

Where is your outfit from?
I made it. I’m wearing a vintage belt from an estate sale. Earrings are from Forever 21.

How often do you have to dry clean your cape?
I hand wash it daily. I constantly have to buy new capes.

Do you see a lot of big stars?
Every day. I saw Daniel Baldwin yesterday and Michael Lohan the day before with his new baby. He gave me $20 tip, which is very good out here.

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