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In the last five years, Dubai-based agency MA Models has progressed from a boutique independent agency to one of the leading talent agencies across the Middle East. How did they do it in such a short time? Consistency.

MA Models’ agents are critical when it comes to selecting talent. From the very beginning, even before becoming a notable agency, MA agents only committed top-notch talent. They did not hand out contracts to just anyone, instead built an empire with a small yet dominant group. MA agents looked far beyond beauty and into experience, uniqueness, future projection, diversity, and additional skills to bring to the table. Now, over 100 models, photographers, influencers, stylists, and other creatives have been signed by MA Models, all of which are pleasing clients for rebooking and inciting agreements with new designers, brands, and casting directors. “It is our job to make sure that all our signed people are always updated and at their best to be prepared when a big opportunity knocks at the door,” an MA Models Representative said.

MA Models talent pool exceeds expectations because they are trained professionals and obtain the utmost respect for their clients’ time. This is why MA Models’ client list runs far and wide with the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Bulgari, Burberry, Emirates Airlines, Lexus, and more. “All the major and international clients MA Models work with have been obtained based on trust and reliability that has been built over the years. Responsibility and honesty are a must in the talent business and so, are part of our principles as an agency.” MA Models projected expansion cut their timeline in half. Now, they are on a mission to establish themselves in the middle eastern countries where they lack presence, and once they tackle that obstacle, which should not take long given their immense success in the past five years, MA Models will expand to South America and parts of Europe. “The ultimate goal of MA Models would be to have representation in as many countries and always keep the principles that made us obtain our respect in the regions where we are currently present.”

Written by: Thomas Herd
Presented by: T1

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