Justice HQ Is Leading the Technology Charge In The Legal Industry

by Amir Bakian

For Robert Simon, co-founder of the Simon Law Group and Justice HQ, technology has always been a huge part of his businesses. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for the legal industry. Now, Simon is looking to change that. In fact, up until five years ago, LA County was still using the outdated DOS system. (Don’t know what it is? Good. Simon says, “You shouldn’t know what the DOS system is. It’s ancient!”)

Simon has been a practicing personal injury lawyer for the past 15 years, specializing in spine injury cases. “Spine injury cases are kind of my thing. They’re my niche. I fell into it because of the chronic, long-lasting pain that comes with it. People undervalue these types of cases, but I feel like they just don’t realize how greatly long-lasting, chronic pain impacts people,” says Simon.

More recently, Robert and his twin brother Brad founded the Simon Law Group and Justice HQ. Their mission is to provide attorneys with the resources, guidance, and flexibility of owning a solo practice while also capitalizing on modern technology.  “Before 2020 and COVID hit the world, a lot of lawyers and legal firms wanted nothing to do with technology. It must be because many attorneys couldn’t possibly understand how they’d run their in-person practice online. But, my whole practice does this every day, and we’ve been doing it for years. COVID changed the way lawyers look at technology. More and more people started realizing just how possible it is to do meetings, consultants, and even depositions virtually,” says Simon.  The Simon Group has been ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing technology. “My twin brother and I are the oldest attorneys at our firm. So our law firm has had no trouble adopting modern technology into our everyday practice,” says Simon.

With the help of Justice HQ, it’s Simon’s goal to revolutionize the legal industry using modern-day technology. “Justice HQ allows attorneys who want to go on their own a cheaper and easier way to get started. Justice HQ is an exclusive membership that provides lawyers with a flexible environment to grow their practice. Not only does Justice HQ offer prime office space to members, but it also provides attorneys with a tech-based platform that helps them work, network, and scale on their terms,” says Simon.  Learn more about Robert Simon and the JHQ team and all it has to offer at www.justicehq.com.

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