Got Cellulite? Goals Plastic Surgery Explains What You Need to Know

by Amir Bakian

Cellulite is a term used to describe a skin condition that has dimples or a lumpy appearance. The condition is most common among women and usually affects the thighs and the buttocks. Although unverified, the factors such as the different distribution of muscles, fats, and connective tissues are among the leading causes of cellulite. Other factors like diet, lifestyle, age, genetic, weight gain, pregnancy, and hormonal are also related to the condition’s potential causes. Having cellulite can be frustrating, leaving individuals with low self-esteem and applying all kinds of skin oils to get rid of them.

The best practice would be to seek medical help from certified specialists such as the surgeons at Goals Plastic Surgery. A top-rated aesthetic and cosmetic surgery center based in New York, Goals Plastic Surgery was established to offer professional high-quality surgical treatment for patients at affordable rates. It is among the fastest-growing plastic surgery practices in the US and currently has a massive social media following. There is a new center being opened in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer a wide variety of aesthetic surgical procedures that are listed on their website.

Cellulite is among the many other body issues treated at Goals Plastic Surgery center. The team at the center has transformed the lives of countless patients by offering them a new lifestyle ever since their inception. According to Goals, anyone can develop cellulite regardless of their gender, age, shape, and size. They identify cellulite as a visually unappealing condition that occurs when packets of fatty acids under the skin surface inflate, rising to push their way to the skin’s surface. For this to happen, the fatty acids force their way through the fibrous layer tissues responsible for keeping the skin surface well contoured.

Although many tend to associate cellulite with a weight issue, Goals Plastics Surgery views it differently. The fact that the condition also occurs in slim individuals closes the debate on cellulite as a weight issue. Some of the procedures offered for treatment include,

  • Velashape – it is a non-invasive body contouring treatment used to treat cellulite. Patients can get a toned, well-shaped body structure after two to three Velashape sessions. The process uses bipolar frequency energy, infrared light, and vacuum filtration to offer complete body toning. The infrared light is for heating the fatty deposits and making them breakdown by penetrating the skin. The vacuum filtration allows for fresh collagen and elastin growth, hence improving the skin’s structure.
  • Stem therapy/platelet-rich plasma technology or PRP- Stem Cell Therapy or PRP is a modern treatment technology for various conditions. The process is more efficient and works by rejuvenating the old fatty deposits and replacing them with new fatty cells using the body’s natural restoration process. At Goals Plastic Surgery, the team spins blood obtained from the patient in a centrifuge at a rapid rate to separate the white blood cells from the plasma. The platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected into the patient on the cellulite-affected areas to stimulate the growth.

Other remedies include observing a healthy diet by ensuring fewer intake of fats and use of compression garments to reduce the cellulite’s appearance. For more information on cellulite, patients can visit the website of Goals Plastic Surgery. They can follow the practice on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for extra content, ratings, reviews, and success stories of patients.

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