Gavin Mayo Shows Social Media’s Power in the Stocks Market with his TikTok and Discord Success.

by Amir Bakian

Social media has taken over the world and changed the way we interact with one another. The world as a whole has transformed and embraced the various communication on social platforms. Social media influencers are on the rise and there are channels for more business-oriented interactions. Globally, business discussions are now taking place on various social platforms than ever before. Everyone is now turning to social media platforms as their primary tool for marketing and conducting market research. For instance, investors rely heavily on social media platforms to uncover the discrepancies between prices and long-term value of stocks.

Gavin Mayo, a 19-year-old stock market expert, is one good example of an investor taking full advantage of various social platforms. Fascinated with the stock market from a young age, Gavin knew it was something he would pursue later in his life. He would spend most of his time watching YouTube videos and messing with stocks. For the next couple of years, he spent his time trading while in class and learning as much as possible. Getting a scholarship to compete at a high Division 1 school for swimming was top of his priority list as he was a high school athlete. He eventually joined the University of North Carolina, and being an athlete became his main focus. However, he could not fully devote himself to stocks as he was a college athlete.

The COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 gave him the much-needed time to fully concentrate on the stock market. He made a lot of money within a short period of time and felt the urge to teach others. He chose TikTok as his preferred social media platform to engage his target audience. He was able to gain a record 100,000 TikTok followers within his first two months of teaching stocks on the platform. His TikTok account currently has more than 250k followers, and the numbers are still growing.

Gavin also learned about Discord when he joined TikTok when another successful stock discord team reached out to him. He learned more about the potential of teaching stocks on Discord and decided to create an audience base on Discord. With his best friend Ali Saghi, he started a Discord server to talk about stocks and crypto. Within one month of launching the stock discord, the team managed to pull in about 50,000 members. Their secret to success is using their real names across all social media platforms. Their unique ability to create a personal connection with all their members is another factor contributing to their success. They teach financial literacy with more emphasis on stocks. This includes 15+ educational documents plus follow-up videos for all their stocks teachings. Gavin is very active on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Currently, Gavin has shifted his focus to Luxury Equities as he is planning to create a website and app that investors can use to find the best stocks. He is working tirelessly, staying up every night for the past two months writing educational documents, trading stocks, and engaging with his staff. To Gavin, Luxury Equities will soon become a trusted brand for giving the best information on stocks for investing. He also hopes to start a hedge fund sometime in the future.

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