Joynoelle Spring/Summer 2024: Joy Teiken’s Ode to Oceanic Elegance and Sustainable Fashion

by Tom White

Joy Teiken‘s Joynoelle Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a new chapter in the brand’s evolution, presenting a series that is as reflective as it is forward-thinking. Drawing inspiration from the depths of the ocean, Teiken interprets the complex beauty of coral reefs into a line that marries the ethereal with the tangible, a testament to her vision as a designer.

“The colors, textures, and creatures of our coral reefs have inspired my latest collection,” Teiken reveals, bringing attention to the ocean’s hidden splendor. This collection stands out for its vibrant play of the underwater tapestry that inspired it. Teiken’s fabric manipulation and innovative draping techniques infuse each piece with an element of aquatic grace. The fluid lines and organic shapes echo the ocean’s serene movements, offering a sense of calm and wonder.


In crafting this collection, Teiken stays true to her roots in Minneapolis, a city rich in artistic culture but not traditionally known as a fashion hub. This unique backdrop has allowed her to cultivate a distinct style, isolated from the mainstream fashion noise. Her atelier, a creative sanctuary in the city’s heart, is where her visions transform into reality. “Minneapolis may not be known for fashion, but it’s vibrant in design and art, shaping my creative perspective,” she notes, highlighting the influence of her environment on her work.

This collection also marks a personal milestone for Teiken. With her son coming of age, she finds herself at a crossroads, ready to explore new avenues in the fashion industry. Her creations reflect this personal journey, embodying a sense of exploration and discovery. “My life’s focus shifted when I became a mother; my atelier is just ten blocks from my house, intertwining my personal and professional worlds,” Teiken shares, providing insight into how her life experiences have shaped her design approach.

Despite the ever-changing trends in fashion, Teiken’s creations remain consistent. “I believe my work is timeless, always relevant,” she asserts. Her designs do not chase after the latest fads but focus on creating enduring elegance.


Environmental sustainability is a key element of Teiken’s process. “I create everything in my atelier, emphasizing responsible fashion,” she explains. This commitment is evident in her choice of materials and production methods, reflecting a dedication to preserving the natural world. Each piece is not just an item of clothing but a celebration of nature’s beauty, urging a mindful approach that prioritizes sustainability.

Joynoelle is constructed to connote more than just fashion; it’s about storytelling and personal expression. This collection is created for individuals who value both uniqueness and elegance. The garments are not just clothing but statements of personal style.

Teiken envisions a future for Joynoelle that pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion. Her aim is not just to create fashion but to make a statement, leaving a lasting impression on the industry. This collection is a step towards the goal of marking Joynoelle as a brand that is both conscious and creative.


Teiken’s aspirations hint at this as a continual journey. Positioned at the intersection of imaginative design and ethical fashion, she is poised to continue a trajectory that not only reveres form but holds a commitment to responsible and conscious fashion practices. As she ventures into new creative territories, Joynoelle is anticipated to remain prominent in the world of thoughtful and innovative design.


Joynoelle has been worn by the likes of Allison Janney, Andie MacDowell and Toni Braxton. A former art teacher, Teiken approaches her fashion design like she does sculpture, working around the form from all angles. Once a year she comes out with a collection and show (which she calls a performance) that incorporates MCs, experts, and DJs to showcase her personal designs.

MN Original documented a recent collection, which was inspired by fungi and lichen found by her cabin in northern Minnesota. Watch the PBS television special celebrating Joy Teiken and her collection here

For more insights into Teiken’s work and Joynoelle’s latest collection, visit, and follow her on Instagram @joynoelle.atelier

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