JAXXON: Picking Out the Perfect Gift for Him – How To Find the Right Men’s Jewelry Online

by Amir Bakian

Shopping for any man is going to be a challenge, and if you’re reading this, you probably already know that from your own experience. You can try to find something that’s of real practical use in his life, but unfortunately, men will typically seek out anything they really need of their own accord. Instead, your best bet for finding the right gift for your man is often by going with jewelry. That way, your gift serves as a representation of your relationship and is uniquely bound between the two of you. The question does remain though, how are you going to find the right men’s jewelry online?

Where Should I Shop for Men’s Jewelry?
You shouldn’t be shopping for men’s jewelry at big box stores or major online retailers. The markup in the industry is massive, and you’ll be paying much more than you have to. When buying men’s jewelry online, look for brands that ship directly. You’ll get the best prices and the highest level of reliable customer service.

What Kind of Style Should I Be Looking For?
Of course, style is going to come down to each individual man, and you’re going to have to make some judgment calls here. However, the best advice is often to keep it simple. Cuban link chains are among the most common forms of men’s jewelry, in either gold or silver. Rings can work, too, typically with simple rounded or angled symmetrical designs.

How Can I Judge the Quality of Men’s Jewelry?
The level of quality in all kinds of jewelry has a massive range. Buy from a disreputable enough source, and you could find yourself with cheap costume jewelry no matter what you’re paying. A lot of this comes down to the manufacturer. European countries are typically considered the best manufacturers of men’s jewelry, with Italy at the top and others like Germany, the UK, and France close behind.

What Materials Should I Choose?
In general, quality men’s jewelry is going to be gold or silver. These two precious metals make up the bulk of all types of jewelry gifts for a reason. Solid gold is always an option, with the purity measured in carats, with 24k being pure gold. 14k is a better choice for men’s jewelry as it’s much tougher than pure gold, which is incredibly soft. 92.5% sterling silver is attractive as well, typically coated with rhodium to prevent tarnishing.

How Do I Pick a Specific Brand to Buy From?
As with any other gift you’re buying that you might not be familiar with yourself, picking out the right brand of men’s jewelry can be difficult. You need to find the right style, quality, materials, and pricing, but you should also consider their reputation. Try to find a brand that has plenty of reviews, showing that they already have an established base and that those reviews are good and don’t report any issues with their products.

JAXXON Men’s Jewelry
JAXXON is one brand that will be sure to have something that you can choose for the man in your life. This line was started by founders Josh Deemer and Josh Pierce after his wife couldn’t find any reliable source of men’s jewelry online when shopping for gifts. In order to fill that gap, JAXXON is fully committed to quality, with only the finest Italian-made men’s jewelry in 14k gold and 92.5% sterling silver. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect gift in their line of chains, bracelets, rings, and pendants

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