Ivan Pacheco Shares 4 Pro Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

by DN News Desk

Public speaking? Yikes! The thought alone is enough to make many people shiver in distaste. Public speaking has been described as one of the most common fears; feeling so many eyes on you is quite unnerving. However, there are ways to manage your anxiety and become a public speaking pro. Ivan Pacheco is a seasoned entrepreneur who has exercised their entrepreneurial skills on a number of ventures. Throughout his journey, he has faced challenges, learned lessons, and built success through his businesses. One of the biggest achievements for Ivan has been speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of people. He has traveled to 40+ and impacted so many people with his story of how he began and his journey up the entrepreneurial journey.

Now a pro at public speaking, here are 4 pro tips by Ivan to help improve your public speaking skills:

Practice and prepare
Being nervous is okay; even after speaking in front of thousands of people, Ivan still gets nervous. However, being prepared and practicing in advance is extremely helpful and calming. The secret is to ensure that you don’t let your feelings of anxiety don’t convince you that you will perform poorly. It’s good to be nervous; just prepare and practice your notes beforehand.

Know your audience
It is always good to do to know your audience before you craft your message. This helps you prepare notes that will be relatable to this audience. Even as you prepare your words, learn about your listeners; they’ll help you pick your choice of words, level of information, and what tone to use.

Watch for feedback and adapt to it.
One of the best things you can do while speaking to your audience is be adaptable. Throughout your speech, watch for feedback from your audience and adapt to it. Involve your audience in your words and know when something isn’t working with the audience. Stay flexible.

Be yourself
It is important that you let your personality peek through for your audience to see the real you. Audiences trust public speakers who they can connect to and if they see you as a real person. If you put up a façade, the audience feels disconnected from the get-go. According to Ivan, public speaking is not as daunting when you practice and do it for a while. However, it is important that you prepare, practice, and stay flexible.

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