ExclusiveI Interview with Leading Instagram Star Katherine Estrella

by DN News Desk

I​nstagram has completely changed the modeling world. With fashion influencers and internet models on the rise, unique stars have been able to reach audiences all over the world with content and stories that go beyond the mainstream. Model and Instagram star Katherine Estrella’s story is indicative of the boundaries broken when flawless talent and dedication meet social media. Born in the Dominican Republic, Katherine came to New York at the young age of 14 and would start pursuing modeling a few short years later. “I’ve always known I wanted to be a model,” says Katherine. “So I moved out on my own to go after it.” After becoming a well-known dancer on the NYC club scene, she quickly rose to one of the most sought-after models. A rags to riches story indeed, Katherine shares her story in this exclusive interview.

What makes your journey unique?
“​I truly came to the US with nothing and made my way on my own,” states Katherine. “I had no connections, no safety net, but I knew nothing could stop me.” Katherine is not only very talented with the perfect look. She is driven in the way only someone with her experience understands. “There was no plan B. Success was up to me.”

Your modeling career truly skyrocketed. What do you attribute that to?
“​I am deeply motivated because I came from nothing, and that is humbling,” explains Katherine. “Moving to New York changed my life, and it was an opportunity I refused to waste.” By harnessing her potential alongside opportunity, Katherine put the career of her dreams in motion.

Why modeling?
“​I love modeling,” states Katherine. “It’s a dynamic craft that brings with it limitless notoriety and compensation. The sky is truly the limit.”

What has been your favorite part of the job?
“​I’ve been fortunate enough to be cast in countless rap videos and amass an Instagram following of 2.5 million,” says Katherine. “Between the music videos and the social media engagement, I love interacting with my followers.” K​atherine’s career is an example of working through adversity to follow your passion. “I am so grateful I get to do this,” Katherine explains. “Modeling is where I belong.” A model and Instagram star, Katherine’s career is exceptional.

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