How The Beard Struggle Leveraged Videos to Engage with Fashion Lovers

by DN News Desk

According to men’s grooming brand The Beard Struggle video marketing is indispensable to send your message across.
How do you spend your time online? Better yet, when was the last time you read through a block of text on social media? If we’re honest, most of the time spent on social media is spent scrolling through feeds, across platforms, looking at pictures, ignoring wordy posts and pausing long enough to watch a video. The Beard Struggle, a facial hair brand has realized that to attract consumers and keep their attention, they need to leverage video content. Videos have all the makings of great content, especially if they are bite-sized and to the point. In the mad dash by brands to grow their userbase, The Beard Struggle stands out as their video approach has set them miles ahead of others.

As a result of their success with video content marketing, here’s a list of three things you can learn from how The Beard Struggle leverage videos in their business and you can too:

  • Unique styles in video creation

The subject of cosmetics for men is an area that many would rather gloss over, however, The Beard Struggle is normalizing the conversation through their uniquely styled videos. They adopt unique concepts like using Vikings to appeal to communicate masculinity and show pride in facial hair for the bearded men and admirers of facial hair.

The brand creates videos that appeal to audiences from all parts of the world and not just their immediate area. They realized the power of social media and the influence that videos carry. People appreciate seeing the journey and it prompts them to act. Their videos have attracted thousands of viewers from all demographics which expands his consumer base.

  • Cross-platform social media sharing

The beauty of videos is that you can upload them to any platform. With image posts, you need to optimize them for different platforms, however, your video content is ready to go. The Beard Struggle upload their content on all major social media platforms including YouTube.  This gives their content a better chance of reaching more people.

  • Problem solving tips for their audiences

The Beard Struggle is a heaven-sent brand for men who have been struggling with growing and maintaining their facial hair. Many men didn’t know where to turn with their questions but The Beard Struggle creates videos specifically addressing these queries and offering tips to men on maintaining and growing their facial hair. Through the use of videos in addressing user queries, the brand has established itself as the go-to information box in its field.

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