Discover Why People Across the Country Flock to Dental Design Smile For All Their Dental Needs

by DN News Desk

Going to the dentist can feel very stressful for many people. Unfortunately, the dentist’s office is not well-known for being many people’s favorite place to go, but there are practices out there changing that narrative. By improving customer service and increasing comfort in procedures, patients are turning towards dental offices providing more positive experiences, and many are flocking to Dental Design Smile. With a focus on Smile Design or dental veneers, Dental Design Smile is helping people achieve picture-perfect smiles accessible to everyone. Founded in 2017 by Elvis Mons, the idea was that a beautiful smile shouldn’t cost a fortune. “With the right processes done in the right setting, anyone can fix their smile,” states Evan. “We work hard so our patients can confidently smile without breaking the bank.”

Understanding that price can be a huge barrier to getting adequate dental care, Dental Design Smile built its model on affordability. “We keep our prices affordable because we believe dental care shouldn’t be out of anyone’s reach,” explains Elvis. “We’ve innovated the process and scaled our business, eliminating the cost-prohibitive aspect of dentistry.” With affordability at the forefront of their business, Dental Design Smile does it all, from veneers and surgeries to routine care like root canals and fillings. “It’s about keeping smiles healthy, and that can change lives,” says Elvis. “With a diverse clientele, we’ve created a welcome atmosphere of inclusion which helps ease patients’ anxiety.” Dental Design Smile believes a smile you are proud of shouldn’t be a fantasy, and they strive to make them a reality every day.

Dental Design Smile opened a second office to keep up with demand and plans to expand throughout the US in 2021. Hearing of the great experiences people are having with Dental Design Smile, people are flocking to their offices and leaving with results increasing their confidence and overall well-being. When patients look and feel good, their quality of life increases, and that is what Dental Design Smile accomplishes one smile at a time.

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