How Kings Premium Hemp is Changing the Way People Smoke Cigarettes

by Thomas Herd

Despite the fact that marketing companies are essentially prohibited from portraying cigarettes in a cool or alluring manner, still, the idea of smoking is often hallowed in movies and TV, branding characters, heroes and sometimes villains as our favorites. While there is just something undeniably cool about the look of smoking cigarettes, today in 2021, we now know how grave the repercussions of smoking can be and therefore oppose the idea of tobacco cigarettes. These days, one in five deaths in America are correlated to the negative impact of tobacco. With the evolution of a cigarette’s public profile going from cool to not cool, the notion of smoking too has evolved. From one up-and-coming hemp company comes a new, healthier take on cigarettes— Kings Premium Hemp.

For many cigarette smokers, pausing one’s day for a smoke break is an act of rest, like taking a breath or seeking reprieve from the tasks of a day. Kings Premium Hemp has managed to capture the essence of smoking a cigarette, but by way of a healthier vessel, their pre- rolled top shelf hemp cigarettes. But what makes the benefits of Kings’ cigarettes different is that they contain CBD which can benefit people by increasing blood flow in a similar way that nicotine does, yet it is anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic. Their smokables create a new way for users to breathe deep, without the harsh chemicals and psychoactive effects. By creating this life-changing alternative to tobacco cigarettes, Kings offers a new kind of lifestyle addition for the modern day, motivated individual.

Containing 0% tobacco, Kings Premium Hemp cigarettes instead contain 0.5g of American grown, premium hemp flower blend in every smokable. Each one also contains 0.3% THC or less, resulting in a hemp cigarette that will not induce any kind of high or psychoactive reaction. With 50mg of cannabinoids in each smokable, Kings offers a healthy and productive smoking alternative that is soothing, but not overwhelmingly like marijuana or unhealthy like tobacco. Instead, they provide a smooth finish and satisfies the need to smoke. Their smokables additionally burn just like a cigarette would with a 100% biodegradable hemp filter that provides smoother air flow and less waste. And in today’s world where sustainability is extremely important, their biodegradable filters and hemp offer a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking for both people and the planet.

Made for those who strive to maintain a stress-free life with a clear mind, Kings Premium Hemp cigarettes are truly a product of modern times. With class and tastefulness, the brand’s hemp cigarettes are perfect for moments of reflection and also for enjoyment, surrounded by the people and things that matter most in life. Rolled to perfection, each smokable offers that reprieve without the unhealthy disadvantages. To learn more about Kings Premium Hemp, visit their website.

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