How Kikiriki Is Still The Go-to For Party Fashion After 25+ Years

by Freya Drohan

Let’s have a kiki…in Kikirki, mais oui! For over two decades, the brand has had fun at the center of its ethos, making trend-driven, dance floor-ready pieces a non negotiable. Just ask one of its notable fans: none other than Britney Spears. Alas, while Kikiriki also offers everything from swimwear and basics to swimwear, right now social media-savvy shoppers are falling hard and fast for its array of candy-hued tulle and mesh dresses. Present company included! Here’s what to know about the unstoppable brand, which releases over 40 new designs each week in almost 30 countries. What time’s the kiki?

Tell us the backstory of Kikiriki. Where does the name come from?
The name Kikiriki comes from a mixture of Yugoslavan and Turkish influences: the words together mean “sexy girls.” Each clothing and piece is made with the intention to give every customer confidence, and help show up as their best selves.

What has Kikiriki become known for since its inception in 1994?
Kikiriki is known as an affordable and inspiring company with its fearless, edgy, fashion-forward attitude.

How does the brand ensure it remains on-trend and relevant?
We try to keep our brand updated by following all the latest trends in the fashion industry and pop culture: music videos, celebrity stylists, etc. We always strive for the best for our customers, and want them to feel heard.

Kikiriki is available in 27 countries—what makes the design and energy of the brand so appealing to customers all over the world?
It is an affordable and trendy brand that is fashion-conscious. Women (and men!) love our brand.

What trends have been selling particularly well recently?
All of our mesh dresses sold very well in 2021, because people wanted to look spectacular, especially on social media, after the pandemic. We noticed that our clients liked to show themselves more than usual, probably because they spent a year in sweats!


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Have you defined the Kikiriki customer?
Kikiriki clients like to push their style to the limits, and do it confidently and fearlessly, while looking great.

What do you think people are people obsessing over?
Digital. Metaverse is the new reality. We need to create our metaverse platform for our brand.

How important is social media to the brand?
Very, very important. It is the new reality. People are buying digitally and styling themselves on these platforms. It has changed everything.

What’s the Kikiriki brand ethos summed up in a sentence?
Kikiriki is bold. Carrying itself to a new era and adapting itself as it goes!

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