Charlotte & Sophie Bickley Get To Know Kim Murstein And Grandma Gail Of The “Excuse My Grandma” Podcast

by Sophie and Charlotte Bickley

Meet Kim Murstein and Grandma Gail, the co-founders of the popular podcast and TikTok account, Excuse My Grandma.” Below, the adorable duo discuss all things dating with the Bickley sisters. 

Charlotte: How did you start Excuse My Grandma?
Kim: I was working as a journalist at a streaming news network. During the pandemic, I moved in with my grandparents as a single 25-year-old, and Grandma Gail got very invested in my dating life! My grandma helped me with dating advice, scrolling through apps, picking out my date night outfits, and more. And, of course, I had to explain to her how modern dating worked, including [what] ghosting and sliding into the DMs [means]. We realized all of the generational differences there are when it comes to dating in the 1950s/’60s compared to now, and that the generations have a lot to learn from each other. I decided to share my grandma’s wisdom and Seinfeld-esque humor with the world by starting the Excuse My Grandma podcast. I left my full-time job and used my producing/reporting skills to bring on experts from every industry as guests on the podcast, including Ben Higgens (The Bachelor), Batsheva and Miriam Haart (My Unorthodox Life), and Jared Freid (U Up? Podcast). Soon after, we started our TikTok account @excusemygrandma, which is growing by the hundreds of thousands!

Sophie: Did you always have a close relationship and what’s it like now working together?
Kim: We were always extremely close. Since I was born, my grandma has been like a second mom to me. We don’t agree on everything, but we always come to understand each other’s perspectives which I know many families can relate to. Grandma Gail is an expert critiquer!

Gail: I never worked a day in her life besides taking care of my kids—but I have a job now! And Kim’s a great boss. 

Charlotte: What are some favorite interviews you’ve done on the podcast and who are your dream guests?
Kim: I loved my interview with Batsheva and Miriam Haart from My Unorthodox Life on Netflix. The sisters are so different and had such eye opening experiences leaving their ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Another one of the interviews I enjoyed was with Tanya Zuckerbrot of F Factor. It’s so inspiring to hear stories from female entrepreneurs. She went through some controversy in the press last year and it was interesting to hear her perspective. Dream guests would definitely be Alex Cooper of Call Her Daddy; her dynamic with Grandma Gail would be hilarious! SJP or anyone from the Sex & The City universe would be fun as well.

Gail: Ben Higgins from the Bachelor was wonderful. He uses his platform for good and he was so inspiring. Jill Kargman was an amazing guest, she’s an icon! I also loved talking to Eitan Bernath, he’s so accomplished as a 19-year-old chef. Oprah would be a dream guest! 

Sophie: What do you recommend wearing on a date?
Gail: A great date outfit is jeans and a sweater or leather pants. If you’re going to a bar, that’s perfect. If you’re going somewhere extraordinary, then you can wear something a little dressier.

Kim: Everything I wear is pretty much picked out by my grandma, she has a great sense of style. We end up dressing pretty similarly at this point! Charlotte: What do you both see as red flags in a relationship?
Kim: We each have different red flags in a relationship—I think a guy can change and Grandma Gail thinks I’m delusional for believing that! My red flags are when they mention their ex a lot, make last minute plans, just talk about themselves, and are rude to waiters.

Gail: My main red flags are being selfish, talking down to your partner, not being willing to compromise, nitpicking, and initiating sex on the first date. One thing that I think is a red flag, that Kim doesn’t, is when a boy doesn’t come to the door to pick her up and meet the whole family. She’d rather meet them at the restaurant/bar. But I think that’s rude! 

Sophie: This one’s for Gail… how did you meet your husband?
Gail: We were set up on our first date. We went to this show written by someone at Harvard who my husband went to school with. I left the play and said, ‘This is the silliest show I’ve ever seen. It’s so strange.’ He thought it was brilliant. Then I never heard from him and about three weeks later he called and I said, ‘What happened?’ I never had a guy who never called me back, there was no such thing in those days, I was hot stuff! He said, ‘When I left you that night after the theater I thought you weren’t smart. But then my parents went to see the show and knew they were smart—my father said that was the dumbest show that I ever saw. So I thought about it and figured if my father thought it was a bad show then I should give this girl another chance.’ We were engaged three months later.

Charlotte: A must-ask question! What are your favorite fashion brands?

Kim: I love Zadig and Voltaire, Reformation, and A.L.C. I’m petite (Grandma tells me good things come in small packages) and I think these brands fit really well and always make me look casual and cool! 

Gail: Gucci—it was my favorite in the ’50s and it still is now; it’s timeless!

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