How Jamila Hair Care Destigmatizes Wearing a Wig with Ultra-Luxury 100% Russian Units

by Thomas Herd

Have you ever complimented a girl on how beautiful her hair is only to discover that it’s a wig? With the capability and technology to engineer life-like wigs that look and feel just like normal human hair, women everywhere have sought new alternatives like wigs and lace fronts when it comes to switching up their hair style. But now as the industry is widely saturated with synthetic, low-quality products, knowing which companies to trust becomes the hard part. One up-and-coming Australian entrepreneur has gained popularity for her wigs and extensions. Meet Jamila Usman, launched last year, Jamila Hair Care was years in the making. The company’s founder, Jamila Usman became obsessed with beauty and hair care at a young age, taking the time to learn about the industry and discerning what makes the best products. Now with her units available for purchase via Instagram as well as her website, Jamila’s products are sold worldwide, popular in the U.S., Australia, and Dubai markets.

But what sets her wigs and extensions apart from competition is the quality. It’s far too often that a woman is seen wearing a wig that is clearly made from synthetic material, which can end up looking cheap and/or fake. While the market for wigs and extensions is saturated with subpar quality, for Jamila Hair Care quality comes first. Sourcing 100% Russian hair, with 250% density, the wigs look as real as can be, and are prime for styling. With quality as one of the business’s top priorities, Jamila Hair Care products can be colored, washed, heated and styled any way you desire. “To me, hair is a fashion statement,” CEO and Founder Jamila says. “Wigs and extensions are no longer just for people suffering with hair loss. They’re an accessory, another way to express yourself and try a sexy new style.”

While their units are not cheap, Jamila prefaces that their prices reflect the quality as each wig is intended to last anywhere from two to four years, if maintained and cared for properly. As the maintenance for keeping wigs looking refreshed is crucial, Jamila is additionally developing a line of hair care products that can be used on her wigs as well as your own hair. Currently available on her website, Jamila has a number of hair accessories and tools like lace glue and glue remover to help customize the wig experience.  If you’re nervous about wearing a wig, Jamila Hair Care won’t have you feeling like you’re wearing a wig at all. Instead, their luxurious units feel natural and look authentic, helping women feel beautiful and empowered. To learn more about Jamila Hair Care, follow them on Instagram or visit their website.

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